Immersing yourself in these 5 botanical gardens of India means entering the exuberant and exotic vegetation of the curry country.


Botanical Gardens of India


Botanical gardens of India discover them!

A botanical garden tries to transmit an ecological value and to serve as a base for propitious investigations, which, combined with a nature of a thousand forms and colors as it is the one of our favorite subcontinent, explodes in these beautiful 5 botanical gardens of India .

Botanical Gardens of India - Kolkata Garden

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1. Botanical garden of Kolkata

Although its original name is Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden, the well-known botanical garden of Kolkata is possibly the most beautiful in India. Located in the city of Howrah, this garden gathers more than 12 species of trees spread over 109 hectares.Among its greatest attractions are the Gran Baniano or Bengal fig tree, the largest tree in the world with a circumference of 330 meters . The crown of this tree, like a green and enigmatic vault, precedes long collections of orchids, bamboo and even animals, the jackal or the Indian mongoose being two of the species camouflaged in this captive tropic, extracted from some ancient Hindu poem.

2. Hanging Gardens of Pherozeshah Mehta

Although not as “hanging” as might be expected, Pherozeshah Meta, the most famous botanical garden in Mumbai , makes up for it with examples of horticulture simulating elephants and dinosaurs, the tranquility of taking refuge in nature away from the bustle of the city and, especially, views of the coast of Bombay and the port that at sunset acquire an almost mystical charm.

Botanical Gardens of India

Botanical Gardens of India - Ooty Garden

3. Botanical Garden of Ooty

Located in the town of Ooty, in the state of Tamil Nadu , this garden is spread out over 22 hectares at high altitude above sea level. Among the attractions of the same find an Italian garden, a fossilized tree that could date more than 20 million years and a Flower Show that is held every May and in which up to 10 thousand flowers are displayed by exhibitors in order to turn your floral work into the annual winner.

4. Botanical Garden of Bangalore

Known as Lal Bagh (or Red Garden), the botanical pride of what is one of the most international cities in India occupies 97 hectares and its great highlight lies in The Glass House, a huge greenhouse in which floral species of Afghanistan, South Africa or the island of Tenerife itself .

Botanical Gardens of India - Bangalore Garden

5. Puducherry Garden

The “Indian Paris” , in the state of Tamil Nadu, is a good example of that French influence that conceived this place of retreat in 1826. 1500 species of different plants are divided into an environment with their own train, sources that in the end of week they are illuminated with colors and even food stalls in which to taste a delicious (and typical) masala dosa .

Botanical Gardens of India, Pondicherry (c) markymark5

These 5 botanical gardens of India gather part of the exuberance of a country that loves lotus ponds, palm trees and colors without forgetting the European influence that conceived the existence of these urban lungs.