From small populations in the desert, to villages perched in the Himalayas, we bring you a selection of 7 charming villages in North India. You can not miss them on your next trip to India.


    Without a doubt the number one of the charming villages in North India. The imposing buildings of the Bundela dynasty, which include royal palaces, tombs and cenotaphs , coexist with a rural population that brings wood from the forest, washes clothes in the river and performs the rituals in the ghats under the watchful eye of an overwhelming heritage .


    Manali is one of the most famous destinations in the Indian Himalayas . Only 6 kilometers up is the town of Vashist. The granitic formations of this area make thermal waters emerge at a temperature between 43 and 50 ºC. The traditional wooden houses of Himachal Pradesh are in itself an attraction, but the town is famous for its temple where the waters sprout with a pool for men and for women.


    The abandoned city in the desert adds stories of ghosts. 18 kilometers from Jaisalmer, Kuldhara was inhabited by Brahmins until the 19th century when it was abandoned for unknown reasons. The tales of curses and enchantments occur in a village to travel alone with the only sound of the winds that hit this area of ​​Rajasthan.

    Charming villages in North India - Kuldhara

    Forget the traditional assemblies for tourists. The village of artists of Raghurajpur is the place where the painters of the Puri region have lived since the 5th century BC. The designs of the painted houses and the order and cleanliness of the place will take you to an idyllic India . It is the place where I have seen more women wearing the sari in the old style , that is, without the blouse that the British imposed because the insinuation of the breasts seemed immoral to them.


    An invisible jewel even when you have reached its doors. The best-preserved stepped well of Rajasthan , the Chand Baori, was built by the Chauhan dynasty in honor of Harshat Mata, the goddess of Happiness. Today, located in a small town is the perfect excuse to wander through a village where time has not passed halfway between Jaipur and Agra.


    The monastery of Alchi and its thousand-year-old wall paintings are reason enough for the excursion from Leh. Especially recommended is its Alchi Kitchen restaurant where a group of women teach traditional Ladakhi cuisine and prepare each dish of the menu from the beginning. Sooner or later, do not miss the town and the gompa of Likir, spectacular in the middle of a little visited valley. In the school of the village they invite to a tea to all those that visit it.


    Men with immense turbans kill the hours under a banyan tree in Narlai. One of my favorites among the charming villages in North India, not only for the character of its people, but also for the boutique hotel that has put it on the map. Rawla Narlai hotel is one of those places where the best of conjugated Rajasthani hospitality with a unique location to immerse yourself in the rural life of the most picturesque state of India.

    Charming villages in North India

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