India is a country very different from any other. One where there are hundreds of temples and colors but also governed by a religion, traditions and unique customs.That is why these 7 things not to do in India during your next trip become the best way to immerse yourself in that unique and fascinating culture. 


7 things NOT to do in India

1) Drink tap water

7 things not to do in India: drink tap water

Whenever we travel to other parts of the world, drinking bottled water is the most advisable when it comes to avoiding stomach problems due to the treatment of local water. In India, avoid drinking tap water becomes an essential command, so do not forget to bring your water bottle with you at all times.

2) Shaking hands

Nepali woman waving

There are many social norms in India , but greeting is one of the easiest to adopt when interacting with locals . When you meet an Indian, instead of shaking hands, join the palms of yours and place them at chest height while muttering a respectful ” Namaste “. When saying goodbye, say ” Namaste Ji “, especially if the other person is older than you.

3) Dressing too provocative clothes

7 things not to do in India: Wear clothes too daring

Women in India do not usually wear short or in suspenders , hence a Western woman in tight clothes can be a magnet for the eyes of all the people who find their way. To this should be added the general conservatism or the restriction when visiting certain temples in India with inappropriate clothing.

4) Show signs of affection in public

7 Things not to do in India: Show signs of affection in public

As with  Indian fashion,  the signs of affection and affection should generally be the most discreet in the public sphere. In the West this is not the case, there are many occasions that we take advantage of to kiss, hug or walk hand in hand with our partner in the streets. In India, trying not to encourage these behaviors is highly recommended if we want to avoid prying eyes.

5) Use your left hand to touch the food

7 things not to do in India: Use your left hand in India to eat

For the Indians, the left hand is impure , the right hand being used to eat. For this reason, try not to touch fruits or vegetables in a market with your left hand or consume typical dishes with it.

6) Comment on homosexuality and other issues

7 things not to do in India: Review homosexuality

Depending on who you are with, you have to keep in mind that in the most conservative circles there are several taboos, like extolling McDonalds (when the cow is a sacred animal), about the liberation of women in the West or, especially, the  homosexuality in India . Throughout your trip you will see on several occasions two men holding hands walking down the street . A gesture that represents friendship but not passion in a country where LGBT laws progress at a slow pace and the collective is practically non-existent outside of large cities such as Delhi or Mumbai .

7) Frustrating

7 Things not to do in India: be frustrated

When the Indians want to nod, they shake their heads. Even if you order a spicy meal, some chili will escape on the plate. If a cow is planted in front of a rickshaw, it will take precedence. India may seem the world upside down; Fascinating, yes, but with a free style. Try to enjoy and learn to immerse yourself in this new culture. This is the only way to reach the root of a culture and experience the essence of a trip as special as the visit to the Taj Mahal country .

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