Beautiful places in India – India is a land of many paradoxes. There are people who struggle hard to earn their bread and butter here, and then there are people who have all the luxuries of life. There are cultures that are progressive and open to change, and then there are cultures that hold tight to their roots. There are many beautiful tourist spots in India that are rough and barren, and there are places that are blessed with lush greenery and amazing forests. Country of contrast that if you come to know it, you will not regret it.

Beautiful places in India

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Khajjiar is located at the foot of Dhauladkar, on the lap of the Himalay. At 2000 meters above sea level, it is without a doubt one of the beautiful places in India worth visiting. A beautiful panoramic view of the populated forests, meadows and snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas can be captured. The summer months are the best to visit this place since it would not be too cold. Hill station would be laden with beautiful flowers making it one of the most beautiful places in India.

Beautiful places in India


On our route through the beautiful places in India there is no lack of Shimla. The one chained along a 12 km hill, with wooded hills spreading in all directions. The capital of Himachal is a good appetite for an inspiring mountain vacation. Shimla is one of India’s renowned tourist spots, buzzing with a brilliant stream of Indian tourists and full of reverberations from its ancient role as the summer capital of British India.


It stretches along the beautiful Parvati river and with mountain views to the northeast. Kasol is the main traveler destination in the valley. It’s a small village, but almost infested with bakeries, reggae bars, and affordable guest houses. It is also a place for trance groups who migrated from Goa and at any time an easy base to traverse the wooded valley.


Bir is a small mountain village in northern Himachal Pradesh. With a massive and well-established Tibetan community. Situated against the backdrop of the Dhauladhar mountain range of the Indian Himalayas, the city is a charming, beautiful place in India, although the rubble scattered by the roadsides and streams of the Tibetan colony is an unfortunate adverse to its roof temples gold, and the greenery of Upper Bir and neighboring towns.


Continuing with the beautiful places in India we have spectacularly rugged and parched mountains envelop this enchanting and Buddhist former kingdom. The picture-perfect Buddhist monasteries culminate in rocky lands topped by pale stupas and peanut meditation walls covered with a pebble-inscribed look at mantras. Ladakh’s remarkably balanced traditional society has much to teach the West in terms of ecological awareness. With some of the most famous tourist spots in India such as Leh, Pangong Lake, Magnetic Hill, Nubra Valley, Tso Moriri Lake and Lamayuru, they are well known all over the world.


Pine binding Gulmarg is the closest India to a ski resort. It is not so much a city as a twisted 4 km long circuit that sounds the undulating ‘Pradera de Flores’ for which it bears its name. Gulmarg is highly appreciated by travelers. The destination for types of travelers, whether they are family, children and couples, however, Gulmarg is the most favored by Family, Couple.