A hotel in the jungle is fine, but if you can have the panorama of your life, the wildest of the jungle, better than better . Do not be stingy looking for height and get ready to enjoy your hotel accommodation in an Indian tree.


Tree house in Bandjavgarh hotel

Tree House Hideaway by © Pugdundee in Bandhavgarh

In recent years, the world of travel has undergone a reinvention applied to all areas of tourism. However, one of the most promising is undoubtedly known as eco-tourism or ecotourism . A modality based on the perfect mimicry of man and his activity in natural spaces where he can enjoy his magic, flora and fauna without sacrificing an iota of space.

Ecotourism has led to different activities and reasons among which, obviously, the presence of ecological accommodations stands out . Hotels, campsites or resorts driven by sustainable materials and renewable energies whose self-supply means minimal environmental impact. Some call it ecolodges , others glamping (glamor + camping) as a way of encompassing the concept, but the truth is that they all meet the same nuances: nature, sustainability and, in most cases, exclusive accommodations in which to enjoy Exquisite service and sublime experiences.

Features that meet, among others, the famous hotels in the trees . Accommodation whose height makes them perfect viewpoints of natural reserves in which to interact better with the flora and fauna of the environment. A hotel typology that during the last years has conquered places like India, country where its wide range of natural options turns its hotels into trees in the best platforms when it comes to sighting the Bengal tiger , its tea plantations or, in short , succumb to an exuberant nature.

Take on some of these best hotels in the trees of India :

Vythiri Tree Resort (Kerala)

Cabin in the jungle of Kerala

Cottage among the trees at © Vythiri Resort in Kerala.

Wrapped in the thicket of Kerala , Vythiri Tree Resort is a delight for the senses, especially for couples looking to spend their honeymoon in tropical South India . A paradise carved in wood where the rooms have a shower, fan and desk, as well as other services such as restaurant, sauna, spa or fitness center . All this, surrounded by a green mantle that seems to have no end and whose peace is only interrupted by the sounds of a nearby river. The perfect ecotourism lung of a “Land of God” ideal for getting lost between hotels and resorts where succumbing to wellness treatments such as Ayurveda or yoga workshops .

Tree House Hideaway (Bandhavgarh)

Tree hotel at dusk in Bandhavgarh India

Common area in Tree Hotel Hideaway of © Pugdundee

Imagine a huge double bed under a wooden roof and open windows to a jungle wrapped in the roar of a tiger Shere Khan from The Jungle Book that was always here, in Bandhavgarh . A scenario that finds in the Tree House Hideaway the perfect viewpoint through five tree houses whose stay we can complement with an excursion, readings in a library that would have delighted Rudyard Kipling himself or ecological breakfasts with breathtaking views. One of the great obliged of the Pugdundee chain , specialized in ecolodges and present in other places of interest in India such as the Kanha or Pench reserves .

Vanya Tree House (Kerala)

Kerala jungle cabin in tree hotel

Cabin in @Vanya Treehouse

Of all the states of India, Kerala is the most complete when it comes to enjoying the best hotels in the trees of India . Another example is, without a doubt, Vanya Tree House, the best resort when diving in the heights, looking out at the Periyar River or departing for tigers through the Periyar National Park , in the Western Ghats . With a totally ecological constitution (here they use solar panels and wind energy), the Vanya is a lush maze where every day ends with a good menu of typical Keralense food while, in the background, thousands of tropical birds whisper among the trees.

Tree House Resort (Jaipur)

Treehouse hotel in Jaipur

Tree hotel in the Aravalli © Tree House Resort

Jaipur and its surroundings are considered one of the diverse regions with the greatest contrasts: from tigers (Ranthambore) to pink palaces, through the peace of the Aravalli Mountains , where the lush forests of Syari Valley embrace this Tree House. A luxury resort whose rooms have air conditioning and its restaurant, the Machaan, serves exquisite Indian, European and Chinese dishes to complement with a drink at the Peacock bar. A delight in one of the most exciting natural enclaves of the Golden Triangle .

The Machan (Maharashtra)

The Machan, tree hotel in Maharashtra

Cabin among the vegetation of Pune. © The Machan

The Pune district , in the interior of the state of Maharashtra , is a region with a wide offer when it comes to leaving for peace through its meditation centers … or hotels like The Machan. A delicious complex made up of different houses in the trees and others on land whose rooms are composed of a minibar, desk and safe . A perfect oasis in the middle of such an epic scenario where any excursion ends with a buffet of exquisite Indian food to regain strength.

Nature Zone Resort (Munnar)

Cabins in the mist at Nature Zone Resort

© Nature Zone Resort Cabins

The tea plantations of Munnar make up a coveted South Indian scenario. A place of eternal greens where the Nature Zone Resort is located, a strategic space when it comes to obtaining the best panoramic views of this dream valley. Made up of different cabins in which to wake up to the sound of tropical birds, this resort also becomes one of the best base points when making different trekking excursions or ethnic camps in the area. A temple of silence in which, first and foremost, respect for the environment and its total adaptation prevails.

If you are thinking of a trip to India , opting for one of these tree lodgings during any nature experience becomes an option to consider.