We know that you love driving and enjoy every kilometer of road in your travels. However, when talking about a trip to India, we immediately recommend a car with a driver. Driving safely in India and enjoying your holidays to the fullest are some of the reasons why we always encourage you to choose a car with a driver.


Driving in India: traffic and obstacles

Driving in India

They say that an Indian driver can drive anywhere in the world and, on the other hand, a foreigner can hardly drive in India. Without reaching such extremes, the truth is that Indian traffic must be accustomed . Apart from driving on the left like the British ex-colonies on Indian routes , even on the most extensive and modern highways, the invasion of the lanes by animals or people who carry out pastoral activities or transport between small towns is frequent .

Indian woman with cows by the road

Counter-steering vehicles are not uncommon. Driving in India without danger requires a large dose of patience, attention and reflexes , as well as understanding a series of auditory and luminous signals different from those used in most countries. The turn signals have been replaced by a horn system that may seem chaotic, but has a clear meaning for local drivers. The lack of respect for the overtaking lines and the separation between lanes means that driving in India requires more than concentration.

Driving in India or taking advantage of time?

Driving in India: Traffic light trails in India

A professional driver , apart from minimizing your discomfort on the road, is a great help so you can organize your free time. Our drivers are skilled in the destinations they travel and thanks to the accompanying guide who also  knows the needs of their travelers ,  will make the trip to India an unforgettable experience in which “everything goes well”. The guide will know how to direct the driver to that fashion club where you can have a good cocktail in Jaipur , an Italian restaurant in Delhi or that market where only the locals go and where you will find high quality products at unbeatable prices.

En route, take the opportunity to review the photos, watch a movie on your tablet, read a novel set in the country of the Maharajas or simply enjoy the scenery. An important part of the trip is what is traveled and your driver will always be willing to stop if it satisfies your curiosity, an urgent need or a whim. Often, you will get a good memory of the time shared with your private driver and, from Incredible Rural India we guarantee that you will reach your destination on time and with the greatest security.