Known for its abundant use of spices, Indian cuisine seems to give no respite to those who want a trip without so much passion in the taste buds. Eating without spice in India is possible, not only because there are restaurants all over the world, but also because Indian cuisine itself has its softest recipes. I tell you my secrets so that your palate does not burn.


Traveling to India and getting used to Indian spices is a process. Although you may not believe it, the palate is going to the fact that food as well as flavors produce tactile reactions. In fact, the spicy is not a flavor in itself, but an effect of certain ingredients and condiments that are used for their taste or health qualities, but also for the ability to awaken in the mouth a unique sensations. If at this point, I have not convinced you that the spice is worth it, continue with my tips for eating without spice in India .

Eat without spice in India: How to order without spice

eat without spice in India

First of all, learn the English phrase ” no spicy “, or even in Hindi “mirchi nahí”. It is necessary to repeat it always when ordering in any Indian restaurant to indicate that we do not want spicy. Most dishes have a touch of red pepper powder, dried chilli pepper or fresh green chile that is even more potent. If they are not added, the spicy flavors lose that irritating effect and  Indian cuisine reveals all its nuances.

Eat without spice in India: The recipes you should know.

Eat without spice in India

There are many preparations that in essence should not carry spicy. This is the case of idli , dosa and uttapam , three recipes typical of South India that are made from a mass of rice and fermented lentils. My favorite is the uttapam , which looks like a pizza and is served with coconut, tomato and tamarind and mint sauces. The uttapam is soft, fluffy, with the vegetables you choose.

Eat without spice in India

If you like rice, you should choose the pulaos instead of the biryanis. They have many elements in common, but the pulao is cooked without spices . You have a wide variety, from the sweet notes of Kashmiri Pulao ,  which is cooked with raisins and cashews, to the delicious chicken pulao with a touch of turmeric to give it color.

Another essential are the pakoras , a coated vegetables or fresh cheese made with chickpea flour with a pinch of spices for flavor but does not include guindilla. It is a perfect appetizer that everyone likes.

Eat without spice in India

Among the dishes cooked in the tandori oven , you must try one of the most popular dishes of India: the tandori chicken . However, sometimes the marinade of this dish can have red pepper powder, therefore, there are two other very similar Indian recipes that you will love. These are Afghan chicken and murg malai tikka ,  which are made with a creamier marinade and have a light garlic flavor.

I can not finish without recommending some curry, because you can not leave India without trying them. Among vegetarians in India do not miss the malai kofta , made with potato and fresh cheese in a nut sauce. Among non-vegetarians, you should try the Punjabi recipe par excellence: chicken with butter .

If, in your case, if you like spices, do you want to know which are the hottest dishes in India ?