Below you will find a series of tips that will allow you to take care of the economic aspect of your trip to provide it with greater security.

1. Priority. The hiring of an exclusive custom trip must be made 8 or 10 months before departure. Planning the trip in time is beneficial, since there is more availability in hotels, you pay less for the same flights and it guarantees that the best services are at your disposal, such as the accompanying guide. In addition, prepare it calmly, allows you to enjoy the trip more and get more out of it.

2. Currency. In a long-haul trip it is essential to take into account the price of the destination currency when hiring the trip and its evolution in recent years.

3. Fixed price. Make sure that your travel agency will not transfer the possible increases in the price of the currency, before hiring the trip.

In order to offer more security to its clients, Sociedad Geográfico de las Indias works with one of the most important insurance and currency broker in the city of London with the aim of guaranteeing the price given to the client for up to two years.

4. If the letter is small, it is for something . Double attention to the revision of each of the paragraphs. While you read the fine print there are two tools that you have to have nearby: paper and pencil and calculator to add the expenses that could be in this part of the contract (called hidden expenses).

5. Specialization . The most advisable thing is to hire the trip to a specialized agency. In the long run, the investment you make will be much more profitable. The attractive price of a traditional wholesaler may seem very suggestive, but only a specialized advisor can advise you to get the most out of your trip. For example, the city of Delhi has 5 monuments classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, but if you analyze any offer of traditional wholesalers you can check that only one or two of these magnificent monuments are visited … does it make sense to save on a couple of tickets and stay without enjoying really important sites ?.