As we all know, Varanasi is one of the oldest historical cities in the world whose existence is still in vogue. Ideally, this holy city is situated on the brink of the holy river Ganges, where people take a holy dip and are free from all sins. Our epics also consider the importance of this holy river. This river is considered as a deity and is brought by the deep meditation of the sage Bahigirath.

This city is considered to be the safest on the day of destruction and the priest believes that the possibility of destruction is less likely. Alternatively, people know it as Kashi where Lord Shiva resides. The Hindu people consider it one of the best pilgrims of the world. Obviously, to go to this place a soul gets the optimum level of satisfaction. People who put ashes and bones of the ancestors in the river flowing into this river get the path of heaven.

Varanasi - city of Temples

Leave the old history and religious significance on the Gulf. Let’s talk about the recent discussions between the two countries of India and Japan. Japan’s capital is Kyoto, which is the world’s developed city. Our country determines to build a business relationship in the future. There are lots of evidence that Kyoto is a religious city in a long area. To some extent, the Japanese are indirectly related to India’s tradition because they adhere to Buddhism. Buddha religion was born in the city of India, which is known as Sarnath. Sarnath is situated only 10 km away from Varanasi and it is enlightened under the tree.

These two cities have the same things as the two states on the river. There are many temples in Varanasi, as a result, it is also called Temple City, whereas Kyoto is called the City of 10,000 Temples. To change the entire city it is not a turmoil because it is very populated, narrow roads and it has small aspects of the temple around the city.

Varanasi- Ghats

Have a look at some important facts about Varanasi the city of the temple in India


Several times in Varanasi history Benares or Kashi is known as “Light City”.

Varanasi is one of the most sacred cities in the world today

This is a fragmented maze of the city rising from the Ghats (steps) on the western coast of Ganga

Varanasi’s name is named after the confluence of two rivers, Varuna and Asi.

Varanasi is seen by devotees, the most sacred of Indian Pilgrims, home of Shiva, where devotees come to wash their sins

It is one of the most sacred shrines (literally, a “crossing” or sacred place where the beings can be crossed on the Divine, or Gods and Goddesses come to bath on earth), where many people expect They can get salvation from the cycle of salvation, birth, death, and rebirth

Varanasi is centered on those ghats that underline the waterfront, each Shiva is honored as a gender-stone spherical shaft found on each gorge

Pilgrims brought the Ganga river to the lining of the Varanasi ghats for washing the sins of life throughout the holy water or performing funeral for their loved ones

Varanasi is colorful, chaotic, dirty, energetic, and yet magical of India