Jaipur hosts many historic palaces, forts, temples and golden stories about these places. Who listened to them and made us spellbound? So today we are going to talk about the stories of the monument and its creation, and how does this make a golden history?

Galtaji is a place located in Khaniya-Balaji city, about 10 km east of Jaipur. In the city of Jaipur, you will find that the Taj of Jaipur is its unique phrase like “air castle” of every monument. “Jaiagarh” Vijay fort and the list continues.

But Galta Ji has more than one phrase but the difference is the perspective of the person who is going to the Galtaji temple. If you are a pilgrim, then Galtaji is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site with a temple and a kund (Furro) which is a holy water tank. This sacred galeta is considered holy (holy) for bathing in water. If you are a historian, travel enthusiast, or a person who likes to observe the wonderful places and environments filled with nature’s flora and fauna, then you will say that it is the jewel of Jaipur.

Galta Ji Temple

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And most people also called Galtaji to the monkey temple due to the vast majority of the Makak monkey. Who lives there and it is the tourist attraction, and Nat Geo shoots a documentary series about the life of monkeys in Galtaji, named “Monkey Thieves” in 2008. After the series, the Galata Ji temple is the phrase in the form of a monkey temple of Jaipur.

 History of Galtaji Monkey Temple

 Galata is a pre-historic Hindu pilgrimage site created by Dewan Rao Cripperm in the eighteenth century. Deewan Rao Kripam was second to Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur.

It is believed that Saint Gala Rishi spent his whole life in search of truth, and in Galtaji for many years, he did ‘penance’. God, pleased with his penance, appeared before them and blessed his place of worship with abundant water. There is a Galta Kund that is a holy water tank and the tank water never dries up. Bathing in this sacred Galata Kund is considered as Pavitra and it can wash all your sins.

A temple was built here to honor Saint Galav Rishi and its name was named after him. One of the important facts related to this Galeta temple is that some part of Ram Charit Manas means ‘Ramayana’ has been written in this temple by Goswami Tulsidas. It is said that there are remedial powers in the Galata Kund and due to this it is known as the place of pilgrimage.

Architecture and Temples in Galtaji

 The Galata ji temple is situated in the Aravali Hills and is built between two rocks of the rock valley and the steps of this rocky valley go to this temple of Rishi Galavas and Hindu pilgrimage sites, surrounded by hills from all sides. The temple is made of pink sandstone in eighteen centuries. The temple has many pavilions with circular roofs, and painted walls.

The temple resembles the Haveli or the Haveli due to its magnificent architecture. Several other temples are also located in Galata Ji. There is a small temple of the Sun God which is built by Dewan Krishnam and it is situated on top of the highest peak. And from there you can see all parts of the city. This pink city offers a beautiful view. In the main campus of Galta, through the rocks, the freshwater spring of the kund falls from the spring gourd mouth (cow’s mouth).

There is pure water and water is kept in two tanks. Many devotees gathered in various cities here to take bath in this pool to remove their sins during Makar Sankranti. There are a total of seven troughs in Galtaji. Brahma Temple is situated in the premises and was built in the 14th century and it is the only temple in Jaipur which is dedicated to Lord Brahma.

Ramgopal Jee Vishnu temple is also in Galtaji, this Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is known for the beauty of its architecture. And the idol of the temple is of a kind. Legend says that Lord Krishna appeared in front of Goswami Tulsidas in the form of Lord Rama. In the statue, you can see the image of Lord Rama and Krishna. The image of Brahma, Vishnu, Parvati, and Ganesh are also made on the walls of this temple. There are pictures in the temple which show the state’s occasions and festival festivals, the polo match between the Maharaja and the lust of Lord Krishna and Gopi.

Monkey Temple Jaipur

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How to reach Galta Ji Temple

The temple is situated 11 km away from the pink city of Jaipur. You can live the Galta with two different routes. First, you can rent a taxi or auto rickshaw and drive directly to the temple. The second option is to grow in Galtaji from the end of the sun-pole market road and follow the eastern route through the entrance of the large pink stone. This is a small increase of about 30 minutes from beginning to end. This route provides a spectacular view of the temples and Jaipur while passing through the temple.

Monkeys at Monkey Temple India

Every year a large crowd of visitors visit ‘Makar Sankranti’ in the center of January every year to take a plunge in the holy tank and this month (this month is dedicated to Lord Shiva) in July or August, where many pilgrims come, And stay in Galtaji for one night and fill the holy water in the cave in the morning and start your journey to Lord Shiva Temple of your choice.

The coming hours of this temple are from sunrise to sunset, but it is also the best time to go to this place in the evening because a large family of monkeys is coming back from the city to the temple and the temple is bending towards the pools for the bath.

Monkey temple at Jaipur

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Pilgrims at Galta ji Temple

The temple attracts a large number of visitors every day when you go to the development of the spiritual feelings of the Galtaji Temple. You can chant the chants of religious hymns and listen to prayers sung by the devotees.