The Holi festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, which is brought about because of the burning and destruction of a monster named Holika. This protection was made by the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu through untrusted devotion. Holi got its name as “the festival of colors” from Lord Krishna’s rebirth Lord Krishna, who liked to tilt the village girls by spraying them in water and colors.

Holi colors of festival in India

The festival shows the end of winter and the abundance of the upcoming spring crop season.

Four hours from Delhi, 40 days before the main Holi Day in the temple towns of Mathura and Vrindavan, Holi celebrations are going on in Vasant Panchami (the end of winter). Mathura is the place where Lord Krishna was born, while Vrindavan where he spent his childhood.

There are many people who want to visit Mathura and Vrindavan for the festival of Holi to Indian and foreigners. But to make plans to go to Mathura and Vrindavan, they have to face problems, little more or no information about the locals and places. So now I am creating a blog about my experience of Holi fest enjoy at Mathura & Vrindavan with our Guests and Groups.

First to know what is the reasons and rituals behind to celebrate Holi in India and its different places. Naturally, Holi is the festival of colors, In this peoples uses colors of each other and its a festival of love friendship with each other.

Holi special tour

Rituals about Holi festival in India

The emphasis of Holi rituals is on the burning of the demon Holika. On the eve of Holi, big bonfires are burned to mark the occasions. It is known as Holika Dahan. As well as after performing a special pooja, people sing and dance around the fire, and roam three times. Holika is burning in the Hindu text, Narada Purana. Obviously, Holika’s brother, King Raja Hiranyakasip instructed him to burn his son Prahlada, because he followed Lord Vishnu and did not worship him. Holika was sitting on her lap in a burning fire with Prahlad because it was believed that a fire could harm her. However, due to the devotion of Lord Vishnu who protected him, Prahalad escaped and Holika was sentenced to death.

Unlike most other festivals of India, no religious ritual should be performed on the main day of Holi. It’s just a day to have fun!

India festival Holi

Places to visit during Holi Festival

  • Barsana and Nandgao
  • Vrindavan
  • Mathura

15th March 2019 Celebrate Holi at Barsana – The Barcina Holi festival starts a week before the actual date of Holi. Barasana is a village near Mathura, and it was the village of Radha. It is famous for its laughing holi in which women beat men (playfully) with rods. Rain is the place where Radha had won, and Krishna used to go to this place to apply color to Radha.

Holi festival Mathura

16th March 2019 Celebration Holi at Nandgao– Celebrations in Barasana The next day Nandgaon (Village of Krishna) celebrates similar celebrations. Nandgaon has got the reference in religious texts as the place where Krishna spent most of his childhood days. According to mythology, Krishna went to Krishna to apply color on Radha and came to Nandgaon the next day to apply color to his friend Krishna. And so, Holi celebrations are transferred from Barsana to Nandgaon.


17th March 2019Celebration Holi at Vrindavan– The Banke-Bihari temple in Vrindavan is a place to enjoy the festival as it organizes the Holi festival for a week here. During these days, the statue of Bihari (the second name of Krishna) is prepared in white clothes and it is brought near to its devotees to play Holi. Vrindavan Holi is played with colorful water and swirls, which is a form of color using organic materials such as flowers and saffron. Goswami (the priest in the temple) uses the bucket, water guns, etc. to spray paint on everyone. The entire atmosphere is made more vibrant with the background music (hymns) and people dance on tunes while enjoying the colors. Holi festival starts at Banka Bihari Temple.

20th March 2019 Celebration at Mathura – There is a Holi procession in Mathura city. And once the friction can end in Vrindavan. This procession starts with Vishnam Ghat and ends near the Holy Gate. Participants are involved in throwing color and gully on other children and this procession is going on all the time. Anyone who wants to enjoy it should wait on the streets and get the best pictures.

In the evening, the celebration of Holika’s effigy is celebrated in Holi Gate and many cultural events can be seen here.

21st March 2019-Holi celebrate in Dwarkadhish Temple in Mathura– The largest Holi festival is celebrated in the historic Dwarkadhish temple of Mathura, on the main day of Holi. Apart from Loth Maar Holi, it’s something you do not want to miss. To enjoy this event, I would recommend starting at 7 am the day before. Exit Vishnam Ghat and hold the process of making cannabis by the priest. You can also enjoy a glass of your own.

The entrance to the temple opens at 10 o’clock and you will be surprised to wait for the large crowd to wait outside the gate. The crowd roams in spots sprinkling on each other and in the swirl and people cross. The atmosphere inside the temple becomes auspicious. Contrary to Bani Bihari, built in Vrindavan, the level of holi is small and this place is very friendly. The priest plays the drum and you can also participate in the Hari Naam Shankaran and the dance. The best part is that women inside the temple are allowed to celebrate this auspicious festival.

22nd March 2019 Hurangan at Dauji Temple–  The Holi celebrations revolve for a week and the public is already more on the sentiment of the festival. However, Lord Krishna has to return from Mathura to Dwarka. So, who better than Doug to continue playing Holi with the people of Brazil? While the Lath Mar Holi of the Holi of Barsana and Phoolan is popular, the Horanga is relatively less famous in the Dauji Temple Holi. Mathura Holi festival is incomplete without a visit here!

According to legend, Lord Krishna’s elder brother Balram or Dauji Maharaj is called affectionately, 12 km away from Mathura was used to ruling this province. In your memory, the place is known as Baldev or, often, Dodge.

A day after the actual Holi, Resellers looked to Dauji Maharaj to continue the celebration because “Krishna has already left Mathura and Dwarka has returned”. In return, Daji is bound by his brother Krishna as the center of “Maharas” in place of Krishna. This is probably the only place in the world where “Ras” shows someone other than Krishna.

Visitors started pouring into the Dauji Temple complex around Forenoon. It is believed that the Holi music idol is sung, it is believed that 200 years ago Khar Sagar or Baala was found in Bhadra Kund. This song is sung in order to continue the resale and to allow Baldev to play Holi in the city. After the formalities are over, after the festivals, the songs of Ras and then the people become high on the cannabis.

In the form of marking the end of the Holi celebrations in Brajumbhoom, the Horizon of Dauji is important. At the end, when the women raise the flag and the priests of Dauji Temple celebrate the festival.

How to reach – The nearest railway station is in Mathura (12 km) and Delhi’s nearest airport (142 km). Taxis are available from Mathura Railway Station at regular intervals for Vrindavan. State buses connect Vrindavan with other neighboring cities.

 Where to stay– Vrindavan Holi festival is not a matter of concern here, provided you book already. Local people opening their homes for luxury resorts and hotels visitors – there are options available for each budget. Most of the rooms are simple and available at very cheap prices. However, some resorts and luxury hotels are also available in Vrindavan.