Aerial photographs have become the last cry for artists and social networks that redefine the charm of the Taj Majal or the ghats of Varanasi through these photographs of India from the drone.


Slum and neighborhoods of Mumbai seen from the air with droneSlum next to a residential neighborhood in Mumbai. @johnnymiller.

From the air and in drone view , the world looks like a different one. Nature is more exuberant, the most majestic temples and colors seem to combine more easily by giving horseback scenes between surrealism and reality. Nuances that seize an Indian giant immortalized by various  photographers through drones that, despite the many restrictions of the Indian government regarding this type of artifacts, have become our best magic carpets when it comes to appreciating India from A different perspective . Only.

1) Taj Mahal at drone view (Agra)

Taj Mahal photographed from a drone in Agra

The Taj Mahal, seen from the air by @mvernicos

The Taj Mahal , located in the city of Agra , continues to be the great icon to which India and the world surrender. A spectacle of onions and minarets overlooking the Yamuna River born of the desire of Prince Sha Jahan to pay tribute to his late wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1632 , year in which he ordered the construction of the most beautiful mausoleum of the beautiful.

2) Delhi at drone view

Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi seen from the air

The Jama Masjid mosque seen from the air by @aeromapsindia

Turned into the perfect entrance to India and angular jewel of a Golden Triangle ideal to start in this country, the city of Delhi awakens the visitor in the form of huge markets and monuments such as Jama Masjid , the largest mosque in India (top photo) or The Lotus Temple , epicenter of the Baha’i religion in India  that simulates the most important flower of Indian culture in the middle of a hot city, full of spiritual and ceremonial lungs.

Lotus Temple photographed from the air with drone in Delhi

Lotus Temple from the air. @Aerialindians

3) Allahabad at drone view

Colorful boats on the Ganges river in Allahabad

Colored boats in Allahabad by @meinbhiphotographer

Kumbh Mela is a celebration that takes place four times every 12 years in the different four holy cities of India, being Allahabad the one chosen for 2019. The one known as the world’s largest pilgrimage travels through India until it reaches a city caressed by the river Ganges and others two rivers that make up the Sangam , the sacred trinity of the Hindus.

Kumbh Mela camp photographed from the air.

Kumbh Mela camp in Allahabad seen from a drone by @meinbhiphotographer

Spiritual baths that in these photographs remind us of the other faces of Kumbh Mela: from the colorful boats in a calm Sangam before the arrival of the visitors to a lower photograph that rescues the dimensions of a camp to overflow.

4) Varanasi at drone view

Varanasi photographed from a drone

Aerial view of Varanasi and the ghats that descend to the Ganges river by @meinbiphotographer

The city of Varanasi , also known as Benares , evokes that spiritual India that we came to look for in the form of colored houses, crematoriums and men and women who arrive at a Ganges river that is accessed through its famous ghats . A land between life and death, spirits and the living, fantasy and reality that stands out for its colors and aromas … For its ability to reinvent the western concept of death and give pictures of a mystical charm.

People with saris and colored clothes bathing in the river Ganges

Pilgrims walking on a street in Varanasi.

5) Goa at drone view

Goa Bay photographed from a drone

Aerial view of Goa by @ rsn_8

The smallest state in India is called Goa and is located on the western coast wrapped between palm trees and old Portuguese hermitages. Enclave of some Europeans who arrived in the contours of India more than five hundred years ago, Goa is confirmed as a fascinating state to go in search of freedom, color and relaxation to which beaches like Anjuna or Palolem invite , take refuge in their ashrams and hotels of luxury or visit the remains of a history rich in nuances.

6) Kerala at drone view

Kerala's backwaters seen drone

Kerala, between the Indian and the backwaters, photographed from the drone of @aeyaz

Considered a floating paradise, the state of Kerala is located in South India and is known by locals as “Land of God.” Up to 2,000 kilometers of canals, lakes and rivers embrace thousands of palm trees under which a world is born where cars and motorcycles are discarded in pursuit of the kettuvalam (better known as houseboats ),  ancient rice ships converted into fascinating ship-hotels.

Kerala shrimp farm photographed from a drone

Shrimp farm in Kerala by @aeyaz

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