Exclusive trips have a new ally. Glamor and Camping join forces to revolutionize nature tourism. Glamping means joining those concepts that have been irreconcilable until now and the Indian Subcontinent stands out as one of the best destinations in the world in this new way of travel.

The versatility of the glamping is total: in terms of the type of accommodation it can vary from an igloo to an Indian yurt, in terms of the chosen place, from the desert, to the jungle, through the beach or underwater glamping … and in terms of glamor , serves to fulfill the greatest and most sophisticated aspirations.

Pashan Garh

© Taj Hotels (IHCL)

The Indian subcontinent has more than 100 national parks. It is that magnificent biodiversity and exquisite detail that provides an idyllic setting for glamping. The impressive experience of tracking the Bengal tigers, accompanied by the naturalist, increases when it turns out that we can continue observing the fauna of Bandhavgarh from the own balcony of our tree house. In Kanha (another of the national parks of India) there are establishments where nature is explored through the large glass wall, so the feeling of living with tigers, deer, bison and elephants is better, if possible. The varied geography of this region allows to create more original glamping lodgings such as eco-lodges adapted to the Himalayas environment ( Tiger Tops of Nepal), tree houses that cross lush branches of the tropical forest (The Tree House Resort of Jaipur), luxury houseboats by the canals of Kerala (Motor Vessel Vrinda of The Oberoi chain) and even apartments submerged in the water (Conrad Maldives Rangali Maldives Island). The truth is that no glamping in the Indian Subcontinent resembles another.

© Manvar Resort

© Manvar Resort

Going from glamping to India is breathing with its history. Around the world, “Maharaja-style” accommodations are built and Rajasthan furniture is ordered to add a more glamorous touch. It is not by chance, since in these lands, historically, the mobile palaces of the Ottoman sultans (the pioneers of glamping) acquired this style that convinced the whole world. The colorful canopies, delicate fabrics, carpets decorated with brocade, ornaments, gold sticks – everything we understand by the most luxurious glamping was born here in present-day India.

Personalized attention to each glamper is an unquestionable advantage. Butlers, chefs available “24 hours”, massage therapists, naturalists, chauffeurs and accompanying guides is only part (perhaps the most visible) of the staff that is ensuring the well-being of travelers. The know-how and the delicacy of the service are undoubtedly related to Indian concepts about hospitality that will surprise anyone who has not yet enjoyed the excellent attention received in India. With respect and affection, the service that accompanies glamping in Indian subcontinent amounts to a dignified treatment of a king.
Singinawa, Kanha National Park

© Singinawa – Suján

Glamping is very exclusive: the concept of intimacy and the peculiarity of each accommodation is one of its most prominent features, and especially taken care of in the Indian subcontinent. Although it is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, its glamping sites are like private bits of paradise where the only people you will see during your vacation are the ones you want to travel with you. And if for some the word paradise sounds like an exaggeration, just look at the picture of the private terrace of the Maldives Velassaru water suite.

Exclusivity is also based on the originality of each accommodation. Normally, each enclosure has a maximum of ten glamping in its territory, although there are only two or three proposals. It is usual that each glamping is designed by another group of architects and designers, even within the same enclosure. The Dune Eco Village & Spa in Chennai or The Mandala in Goa are two examples where you will sleep in a true piece of art.

Maldives, Velassaru Maldives

© Velassaru

India, Maldives or Nepal. In any of these destinations there are wonderful examples of glamping that can completely change the idea that until now existed of camping and camping. For many travelers, glamping is already the alternative to spend their holidays surrounded by nature. A trend, which is consolidated as a destination.