Queen of Ooty (Otacamund) hill stations, also known as Blue Mountain, is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. This hill station has spectacular green colors and exceptionally beautiful hills of beauty and is endowed with a delicious atmosphere similar to the English summer. 

Located in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 7,500 feet, OT / Ooty is headquartered in Nilgiris district. Ooty was the former summer return of the British. Coimbatore Collector John Sullivan established the first European settlement here, which stumbled during the 19th century during one of his horrific discoveries for rare flowers in Ooty’s ideal scenes. The name of the name Ooty or Otakamund is from the local Toda word Udhamandalam, which means village of villages. Tamil ‘Whatai’, a species of dwarf bamboo that grows in the forest, ‘Kai’ means that a fruit or green thing in between and ‘tanda’ Munda means a village in the end. However, Ooty got its name in the Madras Gazette during the British rule by calling it ‘Wotykamund’.

Mountains of Ooty

Ooty nests in four majestic hills-amphitheater created by Dodedabeta, Snowden, Elk Hill, and Club Hill. These hills are part of the Nilgiris Mountains, which are in fact meeting points for the western and eastern ghats.

Ooty has become a ‘honeymooner paradise’ and a real fact movie space. In addition to coffee and tea gardens, trees like juniors, pine, and their surroundings. Many Nilgiri marks will also come to you. The fresh scent of the Eucalyptus tree in a modern and clement air definitely makes you psychedelic. Flan-shaped flowers covering the hills in the shape of flowers and lavender-blue flowers spread over the mountains will pack you with memories for a lifetime.


There are many places to see Ooty. Creatures with scenes of Sculpture Valley, Calm Forest Mountain, Beautiful Vegetation and Organic Wildlife.

Ooty Lake – An artificial lake built between 1823 and 1825 by Mr. John Sullivan as an irrigation tank. The famous narrow gauge toy, which runs along a 2.5 km long lake, covers the area of 25hectre with the railway line; Rowing boats are available for rent. You can also go for horse riding around the lake. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Pony rides are a major attraction for children. Mini train for children is still another attraction.

Pykara– Located 19 kilometers away. From Ooty, there is a dam and power plant in the river. The great attraction of the place is its complete peace, luminous atmosphere and fascinating atmosphere. The main road falls 6 km away from the bridge, the best in July. A boat with the forest one rest house and restaurant is in the house. There are available for rent in Sakkara dam.

Botanical Garden– This beautiful, well-maintained garden covers an area of 22 acres, by an English Mali Marches of Tweedel, built in 1847. There are 2000 different species of trees, fashion beds kept in the Italian style, beautiful flowers including orchids, 20 million year fossil tree trunk, a small artificial pond, alpine and medicinal plants between beautiful lawns and glass houses. Bushes are cut in the shape of animals and birds. An annual flower show is organized every year on the third week of May. This show is one of the main attractions of Ooty. The rose garden from the Cherishing Cross is included in more than 1,500 varieties of 750m rose. It is open from 0800 to 1800. The best time is from September to October and from April to May. Time – 8 AM-6PM.

Doddabeta peak– About 10 km east of the railway station, it is a great place to enjoy the highest peak hill valleys and peak tops at the height of Kotagiri RD 2623 meters. The place is very quiet. This place has a good view tower in which you can use the high power TTDC telescope to see the surrounding places. A bright day, Coimbatore and Mysore, Plateau towns can be a bird’s eyesight in Ooty and Coonoor plains, and barracks can also be seen in Wellington at a distance.

Stone House – This house was built by John Sullivan. It was captured by the government’s Principal. Art College. Tribals call it Bangla (stone bungalow) tomorrow.

Black Thunder– Asia’s No.1 Water Theme Park – Black Thunder, the foothills of the vast Nilgiris and 50 km from Ooty. This is a thrilling and exciting water theme park in Mettupalayam. The water theme park extends to 65 acres of land, with green hills full of background and coconut and nut trees are a pleasant atmosphere. This park has daring water sports and land games.

St. Stephen Church– This is Ooty, the first church built in 1820. It is said that the wood for this church was brought from Lal Bagh Palace of Tipu Sultan in Srirangapatnam after the last defeat. These woods were to be raised by elephants from the plains. There is a clock tower, nine tubular bells, and a gallery.