In the state of Tamil Nadu, in South India, there is a place of huge boulevards and bougainvillea known as French India. Its name? Puducherry


Puducherry: a certain French perfume


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On the seafront, Puducherry , a former French trading post until 1954, represents French culture in India . Despite the political and social changes intervened since then, Puducherry has retained its French character. Its origin dates back to 1500 years BC

The city has well-marked avenues and residential neighborhoods with whitewashed walls that recall the Mediterranean panorama of southern France. You cannot miss the Ashram , founded by the great philosopher Aurobindo, which attracts millions of people every year. The Ashram also runs weaving, embroidery, batik, pottery and incense sticks manufacturing workshops.

The churches of Puducherry are beautiful and well maintained. The Gothic structure of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has beautiful stained glass depicting the life of Jesus. The church of Our Lady of the Angels preserves an oil portrait of Our Lady of the Assumption offered by Napoleon III.

In Villanur , the Church of Our Lady of Lurdes , built in 1876, contains a statue of Our Lady, offered by France. This Catholic sanctuary has a sacred pond and people of various religions gather here to celebrate a holiday in June.

Excursions from Puducherry

Traveling as a couple to India - Pondicherry -

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Auroville: “the city of the Aurora” is located 10 kilometers north of Puducherry , on the coastal road that leads to Mahabalipuram. The French architect Roger Anger, in honor of the poet philosopher Aurobindo, created a futuristic city trying to put into practice the utopian ideas of a universal fraternity.

Tranquebar: 35 kilometers from Chidambaram, is the port built by the Dutch in 1620.

Gingee: 100 kilometers south of Chennai , a formidable fortress that stretches over three hills.

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