The Taj Mahal, the Ganges or the Palace of the Winds of Jaipur. India is full of iconic corners that make essential routes through the country of yoga and colors. However, it may be time to go further and get lost in these 10 unknown places in India.

10 unknown places of India

1) Bridges of living roots (Meghalaya)

Bridge of living roots in the state of Meghalaya India

In India, trees are considered perfect links between heaven and earth, as the planet’s salvation net. A belief carried to new extremes by the Khasi and Jaintia ethnic groups that inhabit the unknown state of Meghalaya. It is here, not far from Cherrapunji , where the roots of the ficus elastic tree were driven by its inhabitants through trunks to result in natural bridges of more than 500 years old located 30 meters above mystic rivers. Pure adventure.

2) Kee Gompa Monastery (Himachal Pradesh)

Indus River through the Kee Gompa monastery

Located on  a hill 4166 meters above sea level , the Kee Gompa monastery in the Spiti Valley is a Tibetan Buddhist temple known for being one of the great pilgrimage centers for the lamas that inhabit North India . Named one of the best places in the world to visit in 2018 , Kee Gompa thrives on the mysticism of the snowy mountains, narrow valleys or the blue waters of the Spiti River to become one of the least known corners of India .

3) Majuli (Assam)

Boat in a lake on the island of Majuli in India

Considered the largest river island in the world , Majuli , located on the Brahmaputra River that crosses the state of Assam , becomes an ideal microcosm for all those curious in search of unique and fascinating places. Made up of forests of palm trees, bamboo and eucalyptus, colored birds or long tropical paths to cycle, Majuli offers a custom postcard in which to go deep into the  satras , famous cult centers in honor of the god Vishnu.

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4) Rann from Kutch (Gujarat)

Tourists in the Rann desert of Kutch in Gujarat.

The state that gave birth to Gandhi is discovered as a place full of curious corners ranging from sanctuaries of flamingos to the architectural complex of Ahmedabad , designated World Heritage by Unesco recently. However, one of the most exciting scenarios is the Rann de Kutch . As its name suggests (rann means “brackish marshes” in Sanskrit), this portion of desert succumbs to the power of the monsoons that concentrate at the mouth of the Indus River turning it into a paradise of waterfowl in constant transformation.

5) Chausath Yogini Temple (Madhya Pradesh)

Interior of the Chausath Yogini temple in Madhya Pradesh

In ancient India, not all temples were run by men, being in the temples yogini (female of “yogi”) where different yoga teachers and spiritual teachers found their own sanctuaries of recreation. One of them, the best preserved in India, is the Chausath Yogini located in the town of Morena and composed of a huge circular ship that contains from 64 rooms to an exuberant mandapa, or ceremonial room in which tribute to Lord Shiva was paid . Highly recommended

6) Bhimbetka (Madhya Pradesh)

First recorded paintings of the Bhimbetka caves.

Example of cave paintings in Bhimbetka. © Wikipedia Commons

Everyone interested in the origin of humanity should go into Bhimbetka , one of those places where everything began. Designated  World Heritage by Unesco in 2003 , this cave system dates back to the Stone Age itself and includes the first cave paintings discovered in India  more than 30 thousand years ago. An ideal show to visit between October and April , since during the monastery Bhimbetka remains closed.

7) Bibi Ka Maqbara (Maharastra)

Bibi Ka Magbara is a replica of the Taj Mahal in the state of Maharastra.

Panorama of Bibi Ka Maqbara, replica of the Taj Mahal. © Wikimedia

What does the Taj Mahal do in an article about unknown places in India ? But look, look good. Do not you notice something different? Indeed, the Bibi Ka Maqbara is the cousin of the famous mausoleum of the city of Agra . Located in Aurangabad , in the state of Maharastra , the Bibi Ka Maqbara was sent to build by the grandson of Sha Jahan , emperor who erected the Taj Mahal in honor of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal, around 1551. The result is such a version similar as fascinating to the one considered as India’s most important monument .

8) Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary (Maharastra)

Technicolor squirrel in Bhimashankar, Maharashtra.

Colorful squirrel in the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. © Bird Photography

Embraced by the Western Ghats as it passes through the state of Maharastra, Bhimashankar becomes the perfect setting to discover one of the most curious animals in India : the giant Malabar squirrel, also known as “technicolor squirrel” or ” shekru “ , famous for a coat whose color palette ranges from purple to red.

9) Fontainhas (Goa)

Colonial house of Fontainhas neighborhood in Panaji Goa

Door of a typical colonial house of Fontainhas, in Goa. © 2ouringsandy

The smallest state of India is a paradise of coconut trees, bohemian beaches and churches lost in the middle of the tropics. But it is when entering the capital of Panaji when the certainty of traveling in time and space uncovers the picturesque neighborhood ofFontainhas . Streets of typical colonial houses fruit of a Portuguese influence that unfolds in the form of reds, greens or yellows, balconies full of bougainvillea or restaurants where you can taste the most exotic version of thePortuguese bacalhau .

10) Agatti Beach (Laquedivas)

Agatti Beach of the Laquedivas archipelago in India

The India of dream beaches is called Laquedivas. © Lakshadweep

When we think of India, turquoise water beaches and palm-roofed stilt houses are not the most recurrent images that come to mind. But that because you still did not know of the existence of Laquedivas, a lost archipelago between the Maldives and the Keralacoast where errant men continue to sail in their boats intense blue beaches wrapped in palm forests. Bangaram or Agatti Beach are some of the biggest prides of this paradise on Earth where tourism has barely landed.

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