If you are that adventurer who follows the summer sun around the world, at this time the beaches of South India are ideal to enjoy the best of the sea and the sand, under a warm and radiant climate very much in the style of India. The beaches of this Asian subcontinent synthesize everything tropical that of the south of India, so that to travel to India and not to know its coasts is only to know a face of this magical place. For this reason, this winter season is your chance to get to know the tropic taste of Indian beach.

We show you the best beaches to enjoy this winter beyond Goa.

The winter season in India is quite peculiar, due to its extensive territory characterized by its cold mountains, its deserts, its tropical forests and its coasts. So the Indian winter will feel different in each place, which is the case of the divine coasts of the south where the cold north winds balance the hot heat of the beaches.

1. Gokarna, Karnataka

OM beach

In the state of Karnataka on the western coast is Gokarna a very spiritual village surrounded by spectacular beaches bordering the west of the city, which have been recognized for their relaxed, unspoiled and rustic nature. Everything in this place takes you to enjoy the richness of the beach, as it is full of coconuts, bananas, the blue of the sea and the golden sand. If you want to spend several days in Gokarna you can rent a cabin near the beach.

Featured beaches:

– Main Beach of Gokarna: towards the north, there is this wide beach that is a place of prayer and yoga events for some pilgrims but at the same time it is attractive for many surfers.

-PKudle: heading south about 6km from the city of Gokarna, along a muddy hill is the most popular beach in this city, as it is currently visited by many tourists around the world. You can access this beach by rickshaw or on foot and enjoy lodging facilities or build your tent on the beach.

-Om: after the Kudle beach in a southerly direction about 7km from the city of Gokarna, along a muddy hill you will find this beach, characteristic for its relationship with the symbol OM (), since the beach has natural form of this symbol. In addition, it is very attractive for backpackers and yoga lovers. Access to this beach can be by rickshaws or on foot.

2. Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach

In the state of Maharashtra in the western region, Tarkarli is located a village characterized by its peaceful beach and the famous celebration of the Ramnavami festival, which attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists looking to enjoy the calm waters full of corals and lifetime.

Featured beach:

-Tarkarli: Located in front of the trees of Suru, the extensive stretch of sea and the delicate villages, Tarkarli boasts of being one of the most popular beaches in the state of Maharashtra. Diving at the Tarkarli beach is one of the important things to do, besides watching the dolphins and doing other water sports.

3. Kaup, Karnataka

Kaup beachIn the state of Karnataka towards the south-west is the beach of Kaup, one of the best in the state because of its semi-virgin nature, it is also famous for its lighthouse and the three temples of Mariamma and a fort built by Tippu Sultan that today in ruins.

Featured beach:

– Kaup: on the road between Udupi and Mangalore is located this spectacular semi-virgin beach. Although this place has not been fully explored, it is attractive to many tourists and has even been the site of many films in India. The best way to admire all the nature and the Arabian Sea is through its old lighthouse, which is open to tourists at some time. On the beach you can also enjoy a shack and a bar with outdoor seating. .

4.Radhanagar, Andaman Islands and Nicobar

At the junction of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal is Havelock Island, the longest island of the Andaman Islands, where we can find the most radiant beaches between its white sand and its calm turquoise blue water.

Featured beaches:

-Radhanagar: also called “playa Nº7” is the widest beach in all Havelock Island. This beautiful beach is distinguished by its amplitude and diversity in nature such as mangroves and soto jungles, you can even see elephants sometimes bathing and lots of snorkeling activity due to the reefs of the south end.

-Elefante: this beach, located on the northeast coast, is unique for being more isolated reserving its beauty only for those who wish to undertake a longer trip, if you are a trekking lover this is your ideal paradise, because you can take the one hour trail through the jungle and through the mangroves. As you can also enjoy snorkeling and diving.

5. Puri, Odisha

In the state of Odisha, Puri is located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, a beach characterized by being a sacred Hindu site and the site of the annual Puri beach festival, co sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of India and the amazing sand sculptures.

Featured beach:

-Beach: on the shore of the Bay of Bengal is this beautiful beach, which offers the best sunrises and sunsets in the state, as it is also the center of attraction for many pilgrims or travelers in their festivals. At dusk the beach is always full of life, with food establishments full of lights a few meters away.

6. Palolem, Goa

In the state of Goa to the south, there is finally the famous fishing village of Palolem, characterized by being surrounded by palm trees and guesthouses with a hammock on the sea shore ideal for adventurers who want a “cocohutlifestyle” destination. the radiant sun, the golden sand and the hospitality of all the locals who live in the area, make this beach, the paradise beach that never sleeps.

Featured beaches:

-Palolem beach : on this beach you can find all the attractions that an adventurer desires from a tropical paradise, from the warm sun, sea and sand to local festivities and activities detrekking, kayaking, bird watching and bathing with elephants.

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-Tortuga: also called “Galgigaba beach” located in the south in the state of Goa (7 km) from the famous Palolem beach, it is a protected beach reserved for olive turtles, the whole northern part is completely set aside for Turtle nesting


7. Minicoy Island, lakshadweep

Minicoy is the last island in India the Arabian Sea and is the southernmost island of the Lakshadweep archipelago. It is the second island with coconut plantations and dense crescent shaped and has one of the largest lagoons. This lagoon is very beautiful and has a bluish green color of white sand.

Featured beach:

-Isla Minicoy and the lagoon: Maliku Atoll has a lagoon with two entrances on its north side, SaaluMagu in the northeast and Kandimma Magu in the northwest. Its western side is bordered by a narrow reef and flooded coral rocks. The interior of the lagoon is of a white sand that shines with the degradation of blue of the sea. Walking in the lagoon is very easy and it is spectacular, since the depth is no more than 4m.

The best time to travel to these wonderful beaches is from November when the winter season begins. However, the winter season does not work in the same way as in the northern extremes, therefore it compensates for the high temperatures that characterize the coasts of southern India .

India has a special place for every tourist, and if the sun, sand and palm trees are your ideal paradise the beaches of India are perfect to escape from the winter.