Ayurvedic champi massage uses friction and pressure on the head to restore balance to our body.

Mushroom massage

The mushroom or shiro-champi massage , based on the principles of traditional Ayurvedic medicine , works directly on the chakras (energy centers) that are located at the top of the column and on the marmas (reflex points) located in the upper zone of the the back, shoulders, neck, head, scalp and face. To the benefits that this massage provides for its direct action on the treated area, we must add a reflex action that benefits the entire energy system, providing a general re-balancing to the body.

The origins of the champi massage go back to ancestral customs of the Indian culture within the family bosom. In the beginning, it was a women’s own practice within their routine of daily rituals to maintain healthy hair. However, over time, the mushroom massage became popular among hairdressers and barbers who offered it as part of the service of haircut or male shaving, not only as a method of embellishment, but also as an energy stimulus.

The benefits.

The champi massage acts on the marmas (reflex points) favoring the physical, mental and emotional balance, freeing the body from blockages caused by stress and, consequently, physical pain. The champi is an effective and safe massage that relieves back, neck and head pain, while releasing physical and emotional tension.

In general, this massage promotes blood flow by improving tissue nutrition and oxygenation of the brain, so it can help to relax eye strain, relieve mental fatigue, reduce stress, prevent hair loss, stimulate the system immune and even alleviate constipation. It is also a good treatment against bruxism (involuntary habit of clenching teeth).

Mushroom massage is especially indicated in people with chronic headache, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, hair problems and mental fatigue.


Medicinal oils

To obtain greater benefits, in the champi massage it is common to apply oils, especially ayurvedic medicinal oils such as coconut, mustard, sesame or almond. Before application, the oil should be heated to about 40 ° to ensure a deeper penetration into the scalp. Once the massage is finished, it is recommended not to wash your hair until at least 1 hour later.