The Blue City is no longer just a pole of attraction for the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort and the indigo painted houses of its historic center. There is a baori in Jodhpur that has become the center of attention after a recent cleanup and restoration. Here you will find the best restaurants and shops in the city.


The baori in Jodhpur: A bit of history

Jodhpur Fortress

The baori or staggered wells were a civil engineering structure common in the cities of the arid region of India. The maharanis of Rajasthan were accustomed to give the city public works, taking preference for stepped wells, since the collection of water was and is an eminently feminine task.

Stepped Well of Jodhpur

In Jodhpur there are many of these wells, but none has the dimension of Toorji ka Jhalra . With this work of 1740, the Maharani of the Tanwar clan, wife of Abhay Singh, sought to ingratiate themselves with their subjects. However, until recently it had been hidden among alleys, despite being a few meters from the market of the Clock Tower .

Baori in Jodhpur: A space for leisure and shopping

Few times the heritage goes hand in hand with the trends as in this baori in Jodhpur that is on everyone’s lips. An exquisite restoration, an excellent gastronomic offer and the best brands of Indian handicrafts are found around this stepped well through which the waters of the fort continue to slide.

Baoli in Jodhpur

Reconverting a monument in a leisure center and shops may sound strange, however Toorji Ka Jhalra has seen the emergence of a series of cafés, restaurants and designer shops that make it even more attractive. The main promoter is Raas, the luxury boutique hotel in Jodhpur at the foot of the fort. In addition to its proposal of charming hotels and its gourmet restaurant Dharikhana, has opened a cafeteria on the baoli: Stepwell Café . Here you can have a cappuccino, a soft drink or a snack observing how the kids jump into the clean waters of the well.

After finishing the snack, you will find some of the most elegant stores in Jodhpur : the Forest Essentials Ayurvedic products, the contemporary Rajasthani design of the Play Clan, the local products of Via Jodhpur or the selection of the finest Good Earth crafts. They all meet in a unique historical space, the baori of Jodhpur that you can not miss on your next visit to the Blue City.

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