Manali, Himachal Pradesh claims to be the most famous destination in the state of Himdibi Devi Temple. Also known as the Hidimba Temple, it is located in Manali village, about two kilometers away from the city. This temple is famous for the Phaghi Mela held in honor of Manu Maharaj, on the sixth day of Falgu.

The temple is an ancient cave temple dedicated to the Hidimbi Devi. Legend says that, during the exile of Pandav, they came to the area of ​​Haidib, who ruled this region. Bhima, a ruler of Pandavas, fell in love with Hidimbi. Bhima killed Hedib and married Hidimba and gave birth to a son Ghatotkach. When Pandavas returned from exile, then Hidimba was back and the penance of the penance. It is believed that in this cave, Hidimba received austerity and status of Goddess. This temple is the most popular in the Hidimba temples.

Hidimba devi temple

The temple is a lovely temple made of wooden roof terrace, surrounded by very green forest area, in which many trees of pine make very quiet space. Since, the temple is situated in the middle of a forest named Dhunagiri Van Vihar, which is also called the Dhonantri temple. ‘Dhongri’ means rock.

One of the most prominent tourist attractions in Manali should be visited, it is a walking distance from the Manali market. The road of this temple goes through oak and pine. It was built in 1553 by a Kulu King King Bahadur Singh. It is believed that a small natural cave is built around, the temple is believed to be the footprints of Goddess Hedimba. A huge rock inside the temple, and it is believed that Hadimba paid attention to this rock. On that, the image of a brass of 7.5 cm long represents the goddess Hidimba Devi.

The structure of a four-story wooden structure built in the Buddhist pagoda style of temple architecture. In it there is a 24-meter tall wooden peak or a tower of 3 square above the sanctuary, which constitutes narrow wooden planks, on top of each other. Three lower part is in the form of canopy.The size of a large bronze cone has increased on the top. The interesting thing about this temple is that there is no idol in it, but the impression of the feet of Goddess Devi on the stone block and the goddess has worn in this form.

Hidimba devi temple

Wooden door frames are decorated with carving of small depictions of Goddesses, presentations and symbols. There are Navagraha panels on the beams above the door, a scene from the story of the female dancer Krishna. The upper part is decorated in the form of Buddhist characters. Goddess Durga makes the subject of carving of the main door.

In order to seek the blessings of Hidimbi Devi, devotees sacrifice one buffaloes in the temple before every treason.This temple is one of the few temples where animal sacrifice is still prevalent. The goats are sacrificed during the Dussehra festival (‘Ghar Puja’) and the horns of the goats decorate the walls of the outer temple. In the Dussehra festival, Hedimba Devi is also a very important god and the festival can not begin without coming from Manali.

Remembering the Annual Fair King Bahadur Singh, who made the temple, is organized every year before Savan. This Mela Bahadur Singh is known as Ray Jarar. This fair is also called Sarohani. Another fair is organized on 14th May every year in the celebration of birthday of the goddess Hedimba. The women around and around Dhangari forest come and go to the top celebrate this fair with music and dance. This fair runs for three days.

Hidimba devi temple Manali

It is open from 8:00 to 6:00 p.m. on all days of the week. A rope hangs in front of the rock, and according to a legend, in those days the hands of sinners will be tied with this rope and the sinners will have to fight hard against the rock. For visitors, there are benches around the temple complex where one can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Anyone can go to nearby market and buy some beautiful Himachal shawls.

Ghatotkach Temple, dedicated to Ghatotka, the only son of Hidimba Devi and Bhima is just a short walk away. The devotees can see the unique representations of the horns of buffalo in Gotokta. People can enjoy yak ride in the temple complex. Rupees. 50 / -.

Near the entrance of the temple, there is a chance to take pictures in a traditional Himachal dress for a small amount. 30 / – per person. Apart from this, anyone gets an opportunity to take pictures with rabbits or yak. There is also a fun park near the Hedimba Temple.

The temple is only 1.5 km away from the city, but during the peak season i.e; In the summer season, Manali is surrounded by vehicles and needs to prepare for a traffic jam. So, it is better to avoid running away quickly in this temple.