New technologies have changed the way we conceive of life and travel. Moving with a smartphone, photographing everything and sharing it on social networks has already become a custom for all those who move around the world, but is it as necessary as we think? We tell you those different travel situations in which you would appreciate if your smartphone’s battery is 0%. 

The air here is different, as are the aromas and sensations. In front of you, a great elephant devours bamboo branches wrapped in an ancient peace, in the middle of a jungle of a superlative green. And besides, if you sharpen your ear, you can hear the sound of a waterfall not too far away. Everything seems perfect … until something vibrates, and it is not Earth. It’s your smartphone, on whose screen the notification of a WhatsApp group appears: a bad joke has chased you thousands of kilometers and has just managed to steal you from a wonderful scene …

In a time when new technologies, beep-beep and posturing have been camouflaged in all areas of our lives, the need to know when to disconnect is more an obligation than a suggestion.

Especially if you are in one of these following situations in which I would appreciate if your smartphone battery is 0% :

Sunset at the Taj Mahal

The best sunsets in India


We know that going to the Taj Mahal and not taking a picture could be a sacrilege for many, especially after crossing that threshold that encourages taking the picture of rigor in front of the most beautiful mausoleum in the world. However, once you have succumbed to the rigorous Facebook post, turning off your mobile and enjoying the many corners of this monument is almost a must. Stroll through its gardens, look out over the Yamuna River, inspire the mysticism of the interior tombs and wait for a sunset that speaks, alone, of the love story that floats between the domes of this Unesco heritage. So turn it off, because you never know when your ex girlfriend will want to come back to you after seeing your Instagram Story in front of the most romantic monument in the world (sorry, Eiffel Tower).

On a train through India

Maharaja Express

© Bacon is magic Maharaja Express

Trains in India are like time capsules. Places where its colors, bustle and contrasts give almost meditative situations while your trip continues its course. If you travel by train through the Indian subcontinent, do not insist on photographing landscapes that pass at full speed . Just enjoy the pleasure of contemplating a country from its many perspectives without having to move from your seat (or your bed) or, of course, check a GPS you don’t need here. Forget phrases like: “In 300 meters turn right” …

Cooking in Jaipur

Indian food

© Wikicommons

Jaipur is one of the best places to inspire the atmosphere of India, including a gastronomy in which the Geographic Society of the Indies helps you immerse yourself in the form of cooking classes with our dear Mita. A class that requires learning, to enjoy the aromas and flavors and that is the best way to explore Indian culture through its dishes. Photographing each step of the class to publish it may not help that tandoori chicken is well done or the result satisfies you. The kitchens do not understand smartphones, much less those stressful videos of youtubers that can never be compared to a live cooking class … 

That Mumbai Slum

Drum Mumbai Slums

© Wikkicommons

In recent years, the so-called “slum tourism” powered by films like Slumdog Millionaire has become the excuse for many travelers to get lost in some of the poorest areas of cities like Mumbai. Still subject to more than one controversy, slum tourism focuses on the appreciation of poverty by tourists seeking to feel “better people” by photographing a barefoot child or a pile of garbage as proof of their commitment to the world. Here you do not need the mobile, just the look that takes you to check those wonderful contrasts of the world instead of photographing them to upload them to Facebook and that the world knows how generous you are. 

In a crematorium of Varanasi

Sadhu reading book in Varanasi

© Roberto Pazzy

Also known as Varanasi is one of the most important cities in India. A place where its famous ghats (or spiritual steps) caressed by the river Ganges, the sunset and the songs of the monks who orchestrate the cremations of those who come here to die evoke an atmosphere as supernatural as solemn. Undoubtedly, one of those places where you would like your smartphone’s battery to be 0% and even place it on a lit candle and get lost in the darkness of the holiest river in the world. 

Trekking through the Annapurna

Annapurna Overview

© David Wilkinson

In September, after the monsoon passes, Nepal officially becomes a mecca for some of the best trekking routes in the world. Different options among which we stay with the route of the Annapurna mountains, which you can do in two ways: either for 15 days through the Annapurna Base Camp until reaching the top of 8,091 meters, or the route of 4-5 days to Poon Hill from Pokhara. Obligatory routes where getting lost among glaciers, lost villages, mystical temples and wandering pilgrims requires maximum delivery to a place that inspires the pure sense of the word “expedition.” The only battery and energy that you will miss is that of your legs and not that of the mobile , so devote yourself to enjoying magical moments after each step.

A day in Tri Lanka

Glamping in Sri Lanka

© Tri Lanka

Yes, all these situations in which we don’t need a smartphone are great, but what if I can’t find that place in my GPS? What if I don’t know where to eat and I want to look for it? Let us tell you that, really, in places like Tri Lanka you won’t need it. This ecolodge in the heart of Koggala Lake, in the south of Sri Lanka is everything your mind and soul need: infarct views, infinity pool, quantum yoga, organic food and, in short, timeless oasis where to set the mobile alarm It is an unofficial crime (yet).

Yoga in Rishikesh

Doing yoga in Rishikesh

© YogaLife

The well-known as capital of yoga fell in love with the Beatles themselves in the 60s to end up becoming one of the great obliged of India for lovers of this ancient discipline. A scenario that invites you to practice your asanas, succumb to meditation and let yourself be transported by the murmur of the Ganges River. Mobile? What mobile? Do not! And yoga group in your town asking for photos? A lot less!

Your Ayurveda week in Kerala

Luxury hotels in South India

© Carnoustie Ayurveda Resort and Wellness

Ayurveda is considered one of the oldest medicines in the world, being one of the great protagonists of health tourism in India. A therapy that consists in balancing the “doshas”, or different energies of our organism in order to find balance in the best of environments. Especially in the tropical Kerala, state where the best ayurvedic resorts in India are located, thankfully the battery of your smartphone is 0% because right now an SMS is arriving canceling that appointment for the doctor you had on your return and how much effort it cost you to get square. But at this point, who cares?

Maldives Sandbank

Sandbank in Baros Maldives

© Baros

Somewhere not far from the fabulous Baros Maldives resort, a small islet of sand is dotted in the middle of the Indian, ready to be conquered by two lovers. Here space and time are diluted, champagne is an option to take to your desert island and tranquility can be overwhelming. The last place where you would like to receive a WhatsApp … If someone wants to write to you, do it in the form of a message in a bottle .

Seeing the seen, just in case, we will leave the mobile at home