It is not the main reason for a trip, but the objects of different cultures, the fabrics and their foods fascinate and you can not stop taking a piece of the country through their things. Going shopping in India is a luxury for the senses, in addition to finding excellent qualities and prices without competition.


What to buy in India? Lengthening sensations

Shopping in India and typical spices

Everyone has their favorite products. Some people prefer the perishable so that the sensations of the trip are repeated at home. If you are one of those, your purchases in India should be of spices and tea chai . Both are ubiquitous in each destination, being products of habitual consumption in the Indian diet. Jodhpur and Cochin have the most popular spice markets , and if we talk about teas you will surely find them in Darjeeling or in the mountains of Kerala . Another essential is the incense of excellent quality that is bought in the alleys of Old Delhi and in the markets of Mysore , the capital of the incense in India.

Shopping in India: Incense and other aromas

Another product that increasingly attracts more attention is Ayurvedic cosmetics . Based on traditional Indian medicine, it includes everything from soaps for daily hygiene to rejuvenating tonics, all of them natural, without animal suffering and with excellent prices. If you dare to try them you can buy Ayurvedic products in India at any pharmacy. Look at brands like Himalaya, Kama Ayurveda or Forest Essentials.

What to buy in India? Memories forever

Shopping in India: crafts and bronze sculptures

The work of metal, stone and wood is another specialty of Indian artisans . You can find sculptures of great beauty in many popular destinations. Wood is the specialty of Jodhpur with spectacular colonial furniture. The stone is worked with particular mastery in Tamil Nadu , especially in the locality of Mahaballipuram, by the sea. The bronze is also omnipresent, although its capital is Thanjavur and the timeless elegance of the dancing Shiva or Nataraja inspired by the millenary sculptures of the Chola dynasty. If you get one of these last products, you should think about organizing the shipment or transport depending on their weight and volume. If you are looking for something exuberant and portable, in Rajasthan you will find the best silver jewelry and in Jaipur in particular a refined work of precious stones that create unique pieces of great beauty.

Shopping in India: silk and cotton

I leave for the end the star of all Indian products: the textile. The most luxurious and colorful cotton and silk fabrics you can imagine are found in the markets and streets of India. In Rajasthan you will see all types of home textiles , for men and women, made with the different patterns and traditional embroidery. In Varanasi and in South India  the main material is silk. Also, more and more young entrepreneurs reinvent the Indian tradition and appear more modern versions, with contemporary designs and top quality that will surprise you: Anokhi, Fabindia or Play Clan for example should be on your list, even to browse their windows.

Would you like to travel to India and know all the products you have to offer?