A spectacular, getaway in Kerala, is becoming increasingly popular with the developed traveler in India. This is not a common tourist destination but it is quiet and versatile for those who really know like the vacation. For the mountain, heritage site, wildlife, plantation and exploration of the whole of Kerala. There is a scope for those who want a return, a comfortable vacation, and there is a lot to do for those who are looking for an action-packed vacation.

Chembra peak Trek

Chembra is one of the best places for peak trekking. Walking takes about 3 hours, and once you reach the top, there is a perennial heart-shaped lake called “Hariathathadak”. It is one of Wayanad’s best and popular attractions. Chembra is a trekker’s paradise. On Wayanad’s top peak, on the way to Chembra, you are bound to come across waterfalls, forests, and elephants. You can go all the way or park your vehicle on a hill basis and can climb 4 km. Enjoy great views.

You can not go to Kerala and cannot experience an elephant ride. There are many points from which one can go and ride in the jungle. Night elephants ride also. This is the best way to see the forest.

Kerala is similar to spices, Vasco da Gama opened the Masala route from Kerala, and now spices grow from many small-scale farms, from ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper. Take a tour of these gardens, hotels in Wayanad can arrange touring spice fields, as well as many organic mushrooms made in the area can also have the option of having a local meal at the end of your tour.

Shopping at Wayanad

From Silk Sarees to Ethnic Kerala Jewellery, Wayanad is a good place to offer all those authentic Kerala. Shop for any available spices (like chilies and cardamom) available in the local market, and organic honey from the fields. You can also buy jackfruit and dry banana chips, another Kerala specialty. In addition, scratch the markets for bamboo goods and decorative gifts woven by the villages.

It is believed that Sita Devi Luv is believed to be the Kush temple. According to the epic Ramayana, Sita came here and had her children. Traditionally constructed, it adheres to the old ways of worshiping.

For those interested in wildlife, visit Tholpetty. The sanctuary is still unknown to the crowd of tourists. Here, you can see deer, elephant, bison, leopard, and tiger. Take a Jeep safari that starts in the morning, lasts about 6/7 a.m. and lasts for about three hours.

Edakkal Caves

For those interested in heritage, Edakkal caves should be visited. There is a need to take 300 steps to reach the caves. The walls have pictures related to prehistoric times. Pictures also indicate many residents living in the cave in many years. A half-hour drive (20 km) leads you here. Obviously, it was settled in the time of Indus Valley Civilization.

Muthanga is a rainforest which is being developed as an environmental tourist destination. Through an elephant camp tour, Jeep Safari, tribal folklore forest department hopes to create awareness about the protection of the visitors. Hope, elephant, tiger, panthers, jungle cats, civet cats, monkeys, wild dogs etc. The sanctuary is blessed with its endless population of birds like peacocks, bubbler, kooko, owls, wood pieces and forest birds.