Ever since Emperor Jahangir grew his own vines in Agra Fort to make his favorite drink, wine had not been as successful in India. The wine business is growing in the big cities and there are more and more wineries in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. However, the most recognized have been the first to bet on wine tourism in India. Will you accompany me to know its history?


Wine Tourism in India: Sula Vineyards

Red wine barrels in the cellar of Sula Vineyards

The vineyards of Sula are in the Nashik region , a sacred city for Hinduism where the great pilgrimage of Kumbh Mela is celebrated every 12 years . Only 3 hours from Mumbai , the family winery of Sula is surrounded by the Gangapur mountains in an idyllic landscape. Sula has become the largest producer in India and one of the largest in the world with 15 million bottles per year . 

The dimensions of the business, however, have not changed its founding spirit. The visit to Sula recovers the history of the winery and takes you to the alma mater of these wines. You will be able to know first hand the vineyards of the family, the vinification facilities and try one of its varieties among which are the Rasa or the Dindori, one of the best selling wines of India. The tasting of five varieties is the key to this journey. 

The influencer Saily Patre in the wineries of Sula Vineyards

Sula also offers the possibility of eating in its restaurants, one Indian and one Italian , menus paired with their wines. More recently, it has incorporated two luxury accommodations . On the one hand, The Source, a resort winery located in the historic building focused on well-being and relaxation. And, on the other, Beyond, the minimalist villa of contemporary architecture with exclusive views over the vineyards. 

Views of The Source and the vineyards of Sula Vineyards

Wine Tourism in India: Visit Grover Zampa

Red wine barrels in India

The second big name of wine in India is Grover Zampa . In fact it is the oldest winery, since it started in 1988 in the Karnataka area. Grover is the most recognized Indian winery on the international level . In 2018, he received the Best Wine Winery of the Year award from Asian Wine Review . Their rosé wines have had very good reviews and the line “La Reserve” elaborated with the famous winemaker Michel Rolland, is a classic of the good Indian reds. 

Indian rose wine in Karnataka winery

Grover’s original winery is located in Nandi Hills, a beautiful undulating region 40 kilometers north of Bangalore . The vineyards expand by hectares around the winery. The visit to the facilities lasts at least 3 hours. It includes a walk through the vineyards to understand how the landscape and climate of the Deccan spoils these grapes. Next, the elaboration process and philosophy behind each Grover bottle is presented. Follow a lunch, along with tasting 5 of their wines. In Grover they also want you to get down to work and offer the possibility for those who wish to get dirty by stepping on a few kilos of red grapes.

Would you like to get to know these vineyards during your trip to India ?