It is a physical and mental discipline that originated in India. It is the reason why thousands of yogis every year come to practice in this country. You learn from this practice and fill yourself with spirituality.

It is said that you find some carvings dated from 1600 AD and that you can see the god Shiva sitting in a yoga posture. So it is assumed that at that time it was already practiced. Hindus on the other hand defend that yoga is eternal, and that it has always existed.

Yoga and Meditation Tour to India

The word yoga comes from: yuj al yugo which means union. And it is that yoga helps to achieve a balance of union between the harmony of your life. The main purpose of yoga is to prepare the body for full meditation and to reach God.

In Hinduism you recognize 6 doctrines when practicing yoga, each with a creator. The followers of different doctrines defend that the end is the same but that their doctrine is the only valid one to reach fullness.


  • Vinyasa: It consists in doing postures in a constant rhythm. Exercise your entire body at a fast pace. The key is to control your breathing for the constant rhythm that this practice has.
  • Raja yoga: It is the union of postures and mental. There is a process of 8 postures to perform. The basis of this practice is that if you control the mind, you will control the body.
India Spiritual Journey
India Spiritual Journey
  • Hatha: It is the basic practice of yoga, it is the combination of poses and breathing exercises, it is not exactly the most advanced but it has great benefits.
  • Ashtanga: It is similar to the previous vinyasa . Only it focuses on 6 sequences of specific poses and you do not go from one to another until you master the previous one. It is based on knowledge.
  • Kundalini: This type is based on the belief of an internal energy, in our spine and it must be released in breaths and movements. It is ideal to start exploring your spiritual side

These are the best known types of yoga, which you will be able to practice. As you can see there are many varieties of yoga. Within India the area to practice yoga is Rishikesh, where the international yogis who come to practice and live meditation meet. If you want to experience the spiritual part of India, do not hesitate to contact us.