Each country in the world encompasses a set of attractions, traditions or curiosities that make it unique. However, few can be compared to the deployment of an Indian giant whose contrasts and influences give these 10 things that you can only see in India. 


A bridge formed by roots

Bridges of roots in India

Famous root bridges in Megalaya. © Tourism of India

To the south of Megalaya , a state in eastern India adjacent to Bangladesh, nature makes its way by acquiring simply unique forms. This is the case of the bridges of living roots created by the Khasi and Jaintia tribes , on the Shillong Plateau, from different specimens known as ficus elastica . Centennial bridges that despite having other “cousins” in Myanmar or Indonesia acquire their maximum splendor here.

«Surf» with bulls

Bull surfing in Kerala

Example of “bull surfing” in Kerala. © Wikipedia Commons

Surfing is not only a hobby applicable to the rough waves of the sea. Or, at least, that’s what the inhabitants of Anandapally believe , a town south of the state of Kerala where the end of the harvest (usually in mid-August) is a great festival called Maramadi . A unique event famous for the presence of two bulls to which a farmer hooks himself through a harness before “surfing” the water that floods the famous rice fields in the area between cheers and many, many splashes.

The tallest statue in the world

The tallest statue in the world is in India

The great statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. © REUTERS / Amit Dave

Not far from the Sardar Dam Sarovar, in the state of Gujarat , the world’s tallest statue was inaugurated at the end of 2018 . Erected in honor of the Indian independence hero Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel , the statue measures twice that of the Statue of Liberty and surpasses the Buddha of the Spring Temple in China, 182 meters high. A monumental feat that, curiously, will be eclipsed in a few months by what will be the tallest statue in the definitive world: a construction in honor of the 17th century Hindu king Shivaji in the city of Mumbai.

Asian lions (released)

Asian lion in Gir National Park

Asian lion specimen in India. © Pixabay

Although the tiger is the star animal of India, the lion is another feline that it finds in the state of Gujarat, specifically in the Gir National Park , to its last copies of Asian lion, one of those things that you can only see in India . An endangered species that the Indian country has endeavored to repopulate in recent years, reaching the figure of 650 lions in 2017. A natural scenario in which apart from this great star, 300 leopards, 200 species of birds also live together. and up to 40 types of reptiles and amphibians .

An elephant that blesses you

Elephant in Madurai Temple

Elephant at the entrance of Meenakshi. © OM TAT SAT

At the end of the narrow streets of the city of Madurai , the Sri Meenakshi temple becomes the best example of a Dravidian architecture full of colorful details and even more fascinating secrets inside. Dedicated to the gods Shiva and Parvati , cosmic and creative couple, the temple is not only famous for its gopuram of a thousand details or the mandalas that shine in its inner vaults, but also for the presence of an elephant that blesses you with its trunk if You give him a coin.

A temple that appears and disappears

Submerged temple of Gujarat in India

Stambheswar Mahadey temple submerging. © Masresdefault

150 years ago, a temple in honor of Shiva was built in a place perhaps not recommended; specifically in the town of Kavi Kamboi, in Gujarat, too close to the sea. So much so that the one known as Stambheswar Mahadey disappears every afternoon on the occasion of the increase of the tides to, soon after, return to appear intact. Although where we see floods, Hindus appreciate this movement as a gesture of purification and rebirth. Pure mystical optimism involving one of the things you can only see in India more curious.

The biggest pilgrimage in the world

Kumbh Mela, the greatest pilgrimage in the world

Pilgrim bathing in the river Ganges. © Quartz

Legend has it that the pitcher (kumbh) that contained the amrita , or nectar of immortality, was shed in a few drops in the cities of Haridwar, Ujjain, Nasik and Allahabadthousands of years ago. Destinations that, randomly, approach every 4 years up to 130 million people in search of a bath in the sacred rivers Yamuna and Ganges as the best song to eternity. This is Kumbh Mela , the largest pilgrimage in the world designated Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2018. Without a doubt, one of the things you can only see in India more fascinating.

A peacock temple

Temple with peacock design in Karnataka

Peacock temple in Basadi Betta. © Picgra

Unknown to the public and rescued by social networks, the famous peacock temple of Basadi Betta is a unique show in the world. Located in the Mandharagiri Hills, not far from Bangalore , this 81 meter high “mandir” symbolizes the “pinchi”, a duster made up of peacock feathers used by Jaina monks who frequent an ideal complex to reach after a route of trekking.

A pink city

Hawa Mahal of Jaipur

Palace of the winds of Jaipur. © Unesco

The latest Unesco Heritage in Indian territory consolidates the potential of which, in turn, is one of the most famous cities in the subcontinent. Main attraction of the state of Rajasthan and third angle of the famous Golden Triangle of India , Jaipur is a city drawn under different planes based on Vedic architecture whose great potential lies in the pink color that floods everything: from its famous Palace of the Winds to the most contemporary Patrika Gate . A unique city, extracted directly from the thousand and one nights.

A dinner at a chhatri

Typical chhatri in Rajasthan

Dinner in chhatri at the Amanbagh hotel. © Amanbagh

The Rajput architecture so prevalent in Indian states like Rajasthan gave rise to the so – called chhatris . Pavilions topped with a dome with different meanings: either the status of the owner who orders it to be built, or the commemorative character of someone who was cremated in one place. Exotic and unique motifs used by more than one accommodation such as romantic candle setting, spicy flavors and unique romanticism.

Would you like to see any of these fascinating singularities during your trip to India ?