Sustainable tourism is becoming the necessary and most innovative modality of the sector when it comes to improving the economy of certain countries at the same time that respect for nature and adaptation to the environment become a reason for evolution and, also, for welfare and enjoyment on the part of the visitor.

Geographical Society of the Indies, as a supporter of the World Travel Market Responsible Tourism brand , has to its credit a wide range of ecological hotels in India that will delight nature lovers.

Discover the 5 Green Hotels in India

We begin our greenest route through the geography of the Indian subcontinent:

Green Hotels in India - Chitvan Jungle Lodge

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1. Chitvan Jungle Lodge 4 *

Visiting the Kanha National Park means entering into the jungle of El Libro de la Selva , a scenario as special as this eco-lodge with large windows installed strategically in order to make solar energy the main resource of accommodation. Homemade food , fun for the little ones and absolute rest in the middle of the tropics are some of its strengths.

2. Fort Munnar 4 *

Staying in a place overlooking the tea and cardamom plantations of Munnar becomes a doubly magical experience when it comes to this ecological hotel conceived in a colonial fort in the middle of nature . Eco-chic charm distributed in 26 luxury rooms and 4 suites.

Green Hotels in India - The Spice Village


3. The Spice Village Lodge 4 *

Located in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, in the depths of the exotic state of Kerala, The Spice Village, belonging to the CHG chain, is an ecological hotel that relies on relaxation, organic and sustainable architecture in which to relax in nature. As if this were not enough, enjoy a restoration based on products from the garden itself, seasoned with the famous spices in this place in India, becomes an irresistible complement.

Green Hotels in India - Carnoustie Ayurveda _ Wellness Resort HOME

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4. Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

Erected in Alleppey, in the heart of Kerala’s backwaters , the Carnoustie is an eco-friendly resort whose villas include everything from rain showers to a restaurant that includes fresh seafood and vegetables from the garden itself. As a cherry, nothing better than an ayurveda session to rejuvenate body and soul before getting lost in the tropics.

5. Mantra Veppathur Eco Hotel 3 *

Located in the town of Veppathur, in the state of Tamil Nadu , this ecological hotel is a true paradise among whose charms we have the possibility to bathe in natural pools, relax in gardens from which to make bird-watching , enjoy a purely cuisine vegetarian baptized as “ethnic” or perform tantra and ayurveda sessions focused on purifying the organism.

Green Hotels in India - Mantra Veppathur

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These best ecological hotels in India encompass services that are as different as they are effective from each other, focused on offering visitors a much more organic and healthy experience in an environment to adapt to, to learn from.