Western region of India comprises varied landscape and serves as a gift for adventurous souls to do various activities. Central India is made up of fascinating and unexplored places, along with folklore and is considered as a home to dense and popular forests of the country.

The cultural heritage of this region is 1,000 years old and the flora and fauna of this region can be found in the prehistoric jungles, some of its area are still beyond human reach.

Therefore, if you want to experience the adventure to its extreme, you can plan your vacation to this region of India, but during your stay do not expect urban amenities.

If you travel through central India and leave behind the attitude of discrimination so that you can feel the most and enjoy the best of this region.

Practice in water sports at GOA

Make your adventurous vacation in Goa with varied water sports. You can enjoy these fun water activities since these do not require any previous experience. Enjoy surfing, paragliding and sailing in the dazzling waters of Goa. Also enjoy a sumptuous Goa lunch on the shore that is a wonderful experience.

Goa Water Sport

Goa Water Sport

The various activities offered at the beaches of Goa can be experienced by people of all age groups since they are not limited only to individuals hardened outdoor types.

It can be considered as a perfect place for your children to have a real experience of outdoor activities. Except great enthusiasm, no training or preparation is required to roll or fall into the sea.

Then you can spend all day frolicking on the beaches after breakfast. Enjoy activities such as jet skis, jet ski rides, diving or paragliding and many others.

Best time to visit : it is considered from October to May as the best time to enjoy water sports in Goa.

How to get there:

You can easily get there in flight. Dabolim Airport, which is located near Panjim, in Goa connects with all the major cities of India through daily flights. From there you can get to the beach in a taxi, what you would like to visit. The fare will depend on the distance covered by Dabolim.

Visit of Bastar Tribe, Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, being a remote and unspoilt region of India, is also an impressive place, which is considered to be home to 40 tribes, where vibrant craft paintings are sold in the colorful haats (local market). Adventurous travelers can have an exciting journey since the region has poor transport and inadequate infrastructure.


To explore the tribe of Chhattisgarh in the best possible way, you can visit Jagdalpur, which is the capital of Bastar. A haat is organized every Sunday, where you can observe the tribes dedicated to the purchase or sale of their food products.

In the surrounding villages, you can enjoy the life of the tribes to the fullest. There are some villages, which are located in remote areas and can be explored with the help of a local guide who has extensive knowledge.

Many of them can be reached by a local bus. Exploring the villages on market days will be an excellent idea.

Best time to visit: This tribal Bastar tour can be enjoyed from November to March.

How to get there:

This region of India is easily accessible by road and air. Daily flights from Delhi  and Mumbai  have access to Raipur, which is the state capital.

From the airport, you need to take a Rickshaw auto to get to the city and then board a bus to get to Bastar. You can complete the trip in 7 hours.

Safari In The Jungle Of Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

You can plan to spend a couple of days in the most popular national park of Madhya Pradesh, the Bandhavgarh National Park, where you can find the real Bengal tiger. It is said to have the largest number of striped cats in the world even though it is a fairly small area.

Bandhavgarh Jungle Safaris

Bandhavgarh Jungle Safaris

The biggest attraction of Bandhavgarh is the leopard, in addition to the maximum competition of tigers. There are around 40 creatures and about 45 tigers.

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The park, which stretched up to 435 square km consists of about 40 species of mammals that include deer, sambar, barking deer, wild boar, Indian bison and langur. Around 250 species of birds and numerous reptiles are protected in this park.

Best time to visit: From November to May you can visit this park to enjoy the forest safari to the fullest.

How to get there:

Bandhavgarh is connected very well by rail and road. There are trains from Delhi to Umaria (which is the village’s access to Bandhavgarh), the duration of this trip would be 17 hours. If you take the road through Gwalior trip it would be 11 hours and through Bhopal it will take 12 hours.

Through Jabalpur you can do it in only 5 hours. From Umaria you can get on a train to Varanasi ,which is the only daily train that covers the route in 12 hours with the scheduled time at 4:30 a.m.

There are buses every hour until the village of Umaria from 6.30 in the morning until 7 in the afternoon. You can also hire a taxi to get there.

Mandu journey of history, Madhya Pradesh

Being located at the top of a fine wooded (the pleasantly green forest stretches up to 20 square kilometers) plateau, Mandu is a lovely place in Madhya Pradesh.

It is considered as the home of the best Afghan architecture in India and is also known to have baobab trees (which have their origin in Africa).

It is said to be an ideal place to do the Indiana Jones in the middle of a vast area of ​​ruins.

Mandu History Tour

Mandu History Tour

Mandu is a fantastic place to explore, as it has several monuments, palaces , mosques and tombs, which can be easily reached by bicycle. There are ruins next to lakes and some of them are located on the edge of ravines.

The most romantic of all is the Rupmati pavilion, which is located at the end of the plateau, from where you can get a view of the vast plains below.

How to get there:

Mandu is very well connected to Indore, Dhar, Ratlam, Ujjain and Bhopal through the roads.

You can easily find the buses that circulate between these cities. The nearest airport to Mandu is in Indore.

This airport has daily flights to all the major cities of India .


Kutch Jeep Safari, Gujarat

Every traveler loves to ride a Jeep in the boundless desert area of ​​Rann de Kutch. When you move through the isolated marshes you can see the tire patterns on the cracked ground and still feel the wind in your hair until you stop at the salinas to talk to the workers.

Rann of Kutch Safari Gujarat

Rann of Kutch Safari Gujarat

The small Rann of Kutch located in Gujarat is the white earth, harder and sterile and is better known as the home of Khur (Indian wild donkey of chestnut color) , bells, chinkara and black deer.

You can also observe a huge population of birds from October to March that includes flamingos, pelicans and storks. In addition, you can see several water creatures in this region.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Rann de Kutch is from December to February.

How to get there:

By road: You can get there in three hours by daily local bus that connects Ahmedabad with Dhrangadhra on Surendranagar route. The local transport has the best access to Rann de Kutch through the towns including Dasada, Jogad, and Patdi in connection with Surendranagar.

You can also hire a taxi to get there from Ahmedabad. Daily flights to and from all major cities in India have access to Ahmedabad.

We hope that the information mentioned above will help you make an adventure trip in the fascinating places of India.