India is known for the great variety of experiences it offers its travelers. Everyone who visits her will have wonderful memories to remember the rest of their lives. The beauty of this country is such that it is incomparable to anything else in the world.

We say this, due to the fact that India is not only rich in terms of culture and traditions, but also in it there are many more things that are worth seeing. For example, world heritage monuments, ayurveda ashrams, temples, etc. The natural beauty of India is also something that has received recognition and praise on many occasions. Here we present briefly some of the beautiful faces of India that you can explore:

Cultural India:

The cultural exploration of India is a complex and extensive matter. Many documentaries, television programs, newspapers, etc. They talk about the cultural flourish of India. But coming here and experiencing everything in the first person is something totally different. There are auditoriums and cultural museums where you can get into the Indian culture. In these are Indian dances, music, etc. Besides this, the culinary art is also part of the Indian culture and definitely one should try the typical food here.

Indian Hospital :

India is known throughout the world for its hospitality. This is because generation after generation has transmitted the Sanskrit verse ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ , which literally means “the Guest is God”. Tourists in India are therefore very well received and we suggest that if you want to experience hospitality at its best, opt for a tourist package homestays in family homes, which will give you the opportunity to stay in a traditional Indian house .


Spiritual India:

India is always at its best spiritual moment. There are many temples that are visited by devotees from all over the world year after year. Apart from the Buddhist temples, we can find gurudwaras ( Sikh places of worship), mosques and world-famous churches. So we can say that India is the perfect destination for those seeking a spiritual Indian journey .

India natural mind :

With a wide range of geographical features, India is a country that has immense natural beauty from its mountains to its beaches. It receives visits every season in all its length and width. There are several national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries hidden in highly protected regions, offering viewers the opportunity of summer, elephants, lions, black turkeys, bustards etc. And together with this, there are natural refuges like Munnar, Leh Ladakh, which are perfect for the planning of a trip.

Heritage of India :

India is a museum of valuable objects and monuments of incalculable value. These patrimonial symbols represent the heritage of India . A great proof of it, are the great living temples Chola, caves of Ajanta, caves of Ellora , Khajuraho , etc. These are all great examples of India’s consummate heritage, as they perfectly narrate the history of Indian civilizations living in peace and working harmoniously towards the common good.