A trip to the mythical cities of the state of the kings is not complete without some activities in the desert of Rajasthan. A country of caravans and camel drivers, the Rajasthani culture maintains its special relationship with the Thar, a desert of sand and stones that for centuries crossed the mythical silk route.


Activities in the desert of Rajasthan


Activities in the desert of Rajasthan

The Thar desert extends from the Aravali mountains that cross the state of Rajasthan to the border with Pakistan. You have arrived to Jaisalmer and on the golden wall you let yourself be seduced by the arid horizon. Would you like to delve into the fascinating world of turban men? I suggest some activities in the desert of Rajasthan ideal for a family trip to India , but also for adults who know how to keep your inner child awake. Remember that in India the camels have only one hump , therefore they are dromedaries .

Activities in the desert of Rajasthan

Meet the National Research Center on Camel in Bikaner . In the past, the only means of trade and still today a basic animal for rural life in Rajasthan, the dromedary is the object of study and research to improve its diverse breeds used for shooting, transport, milk or skin. In this national center of research of the camel you will learn about these nice animals and you will be able to taste a wide range of products made with their milk.

Camel route through the dunes of Sam and Khuri. Essential in any list of activities in the desert of Rajasthan is to reach these sets of dunes on the back of a camel. There an Indian postcard sunset awaits you and fun moments jumping through the dunes. The swing of the camel will transport you to other times where we allowed ourselves to dream with stories of the Arabian Nights .

Visit an enchanted town. Legend has it that the village of Khuldara, 20 minutes from Jaisalmer , was emptied in one night. The brahmins who inhabited it cursed the reoccupation of the place and since then the stories of paranormal activity have not stopped circulating. To avoid unnecessary fright, you are only allowed to stay until the sun goes down. You never know what can happen after the magic hour.

Sleep under the stars. One of the wonders of the desert of Rajasthan is its little light pollution. At night, the Milky Way is seen together with a surprising starry sky. Staying in a camp and sleeping in the desert of Rajasthan allows you to relive the life of the caravans and admire not only the night sky, but also a spectacular sunrise.

Pushkar Fair - activities in the desert of Rajasthan

Buy yourself a camel. It is not essential to want to compare it to attend one of the activities in the desert of Rajasthan that congregates more public. The Pushkar Camel Fair in October or November, the largest in Asia, attracts people from all over the state with their colorful outfits and their particular beard, mustache and turban contests. Enjoy an endless variety of shows, music and folk dances of Rajasthan in the sacred city of the god Brahma.

Rajasthan becomes one of the most magical scenarios when traveling to India .