No one doubts that India offers everything a tourist needs, even what he had not even imagined he might need: spirituality linked to artistic manifestations and cultural customs, urban life in his big cities or an impressive range of natural landscapes of great beauty. beauty. Heading the latter category are the paradisaical beaches of Gokarna.

Om Beach


The south of the country gives shelter to a group of beaches, more isolated and unknown than the famous ones of Goa, and that well deserve a detour on the way to the district of Uttara Kannada, in Karnataka .

Because the coast of this area not only offers the rest of the typical days of the sea on the shores of the Arabian Sea, it also hosts several Hindu temples (such as Mahabaleshwara or Ganapati) that make it a Hindu pilgrimage center. In fact, “Oreja de Vaca”, meaning of Gokarna, occupies a privileged place in the sacred texts: it was the scenario chosen by Shiva to surface after thousands of years in the interior of the earth. And he did it in a cave on the outskirts of the town in the shape of this sacred animal . Therefore, thanks to this confluence of virtues, the area is a continuous flow of pilgrims, Indian and foreign tourists, surfers, hippies, local fishermen, vendors of religious souvenirs and, of course, sacred cows.

The most popular places to enjoy a good swim and a great view of the vegetation that surrounds them while you taste an excellent coconut, typical of the territory, are the beaches of Om (with an immense palm grove and the busiest), Half Moon and Paradise (less known and more distant since both must be accessed by boat or on foot), Kuddle or Nirvana. All of them extend to the south of the village, while to the north is Main Beach, one of the surfers’ favorites.


Although the coast is a great choice to enjoy daytime leisure or meditation and yoga, during the night you can get the same party thanks to the spirit of an authentic and eternal night of San Juan, with beaches full of bonfires and music. Because in this spectacular point of the planet concentrates the best for a great vacation and / or disconnection from the world with the wonderful company of the noise of the waves.