Do you wonder when to travel to India ? It is difficult to decide which is the best time to travel to India, since the year there has a destination for each month. If you know when you want to fly, we suggest you where you can make the most of your trip to India.

Best time to travel to India


Traveling to India in January is the best time to travel to South India taking advantage of the ideal climate in tropical India and the festival season. Goa is also an option, although you will enjoy it more if you are traveling to India in February when its famous Carnival takes place or during Holy Week when you can share the largest Catholic processions in the country. Traveling to India in March is a good time to visit Rajasthan and northern India, coinciding with the Holi festival that fills the streets with festivity and color. Likewise, traveling to India during Holy Week will allow you to get to know the Golden Triangle at its best.

The low season starts on April 1, so traveling to India in April , and until October 1, will allow you to enjoy better prices. The Himalayas await you if you are traveling to India in May or traveling to India in June as the thaw begins. Imagine the beautiful valleys that awaken from the winter lethargy that allow incredible trekking with its spectacular landscapes.

Best time to travel to India

If you are going to travel to India in summer , during the monsoon, Kashmir and Ladakh are an excellent choice or the driest areas of Rajasthan. Traveling to India in July or traveling to India in August allows you to avoid the harsh summer as the sporadic monsoon rains cool and coincide with the first major festivals in North India.

Desert of the Thar during monsoon

Best time to travel to India

Traveling to India in September or traveling to India in October will allow you to immerse yourself in the festival season. In addition, from the Taj Mahal and the desert of Rajasthan you can participate in some of the most spectacular celebrations of Hindu culture such as Dusheraor Durga Puja. Traveling to India in Novembertransports you fully to the time of Diwali and the cooler weather allows for both a route to the north and a trip to South India. And as in the Hindu circular time, traveling to India in December or traveling to India at Christmas returns us to the south of India, the perfect time to make a route through Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

That’s how the twelve months go in India, a year full of destinies.