I was on an assignment to cover some remote areas of Rajasthan and the opportunity to travel in my style was accepting it. On both sides, through a dirt road surrounded by green fields, a drive brought me Bhangarh. The morning was very blurred and cold, and I was in open air gypsy. The sun’s warmth is warm and welcoming with cloudy weather. Bhangarh has many rumors of ghost stories and horror encounters, but the day I could see was a beautiful picnic spot.

Bhangarh is about 85 km away from Jaipur and it takes about two hours to cover the distance. I had heard a lot about Bhangarh, with the recent fame of the nature of the haunted activities of this place, but even before leaving the foot inside the wasted premises, I did not have to prepare for grandeur. The fort was spread far and wide between the forests and the vast temples so that they can realize on a large scale.

Bhangarh is located in the Aravali range and it is believed that there is a Kachhwa clan in front of Amber near Jaipur. This city was established in 1573 by King Bhagwant Das and Fort Palace was built for his son, Madho Singh, who was also a Diwan in Mughal Emperor Akbar’s court.

I immediately started thinking that Bhangarh can be famous for its haunted and mysterious reasons, but it looked very beautiful and seemed like a pleasant place for a picnic. There were many local tourists from nearby villages.

Bhangarh Fort Interior Part

Moving towards Bhangarh, there is a way out of a roofless stone which once was the market of the city (also called the Zahari market). It is completely deserted and I could only wonder how much it can be upset in the days of its glory. The entrance of the main fort is through a huge tanning door and as soon as you enter, the Hanuman temple appears on the right side.

Local people said that the Royal Palace was as big as 7 stories, although now there are only 4 floors. There are 4-5 temples with magnificent carvings in Bhangarh (the most influential Gopinath). There are monkeys everywhere in Bhangarh but tourists do not bother. I first decide to run the stairs first in the temple and catch my camera bag when I see that some monkeys are watching me.

Fort Palace was built on the edge of the mountain so that its rulers could keep an eye on the whole city. Although there are many beliefs and legends, one of the most popular and widely admissible is Bhangarh city came out due to a tantric magician who loved the daughter of the ruler and cursed the city when his back had to be repulsed Was there. The only cyanophage built on a hill is that the towers over Bhangarh are called the umbrella of the evil magician. Before dying, he cursed the village and the residents of the entire village left it in one night in 1783.

Bhangarh Fort Alwar

The story behind the Bhangarh Fort– Bhangarh was a prosperous city and empire which was famous for being Rattnavati, was the princess of Bhangarh and she was very famous for her beauty. There was a Tantric magician named Singhiya who loved him but knew that his match with the princess was impossible. But Singhiya’s diabolical brain planned to make the princess tampered with its magical powers. They put a magic of black magic on oil that the maid was buying for the princess so that it would fall in love with the princess wizard on touching it.

However, the princess saw that the oil was moving when the oil was brought, and she realized that she was a Tantric who had a dark magic in the oil. The princess was proficient in knowledge of black magic and put oil on the ground. When empty on the ground the oil turned into a rock and turned towards the magician and crushed him to death near a big mountain. Before dying, the magician cursed Bhangarh and said that there will be no more rebirth. After this, the curse was going on in Bhangarh and strange things were starting, so the decision to leave the city in one night and settle down elsewhere was decided. ”

For some time the story has propagated itself and now the city is popularly called ‘ghost house’ by the locals and there are stories of people who tried to stay there after the sunset. I could not really believe this story, especially with beautiful air which was a beautiful scene of the landscape from the scraped fort. Bhangarh is completely exiled and the nearest village is a small village named Gola. Due to the popularity of day visitors, there are some cafés and restaurants which are in the base of the sphere and a new multi-storey hotel is also coming.

Bhangarh runis Fort

The places to visit in Bhangarh – Bhangarh is essentially an excellent example of the ruins, which is a well-planned city, a small visit to the city brings pleasure to visitors: There are five gates to enter Bhangarh Fort – Delhi Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Lahori Gate, Phulvari Gate and Hanuman Gate. In the ruins, there are some dangerous mansion and baori, there is still a functional baori on the extreme left of the Fort complex .Many rooms and selfies are taking tourists in the Royal Palace; In some parts of the palace, the dancing haveli (a house of dancers where the exhibitions were organized) included.

As the entrance to the Royal Palace enters the path, there are thick plantations of Keveera (a plant that gives a sweet smell) which goes towards the left side of the path which leads to a mosque. In temples – Hanuman Temple, Gopinath Temple, Someshwar Temple, Keshav Rai Temple, Mangla Devi Temple can be visited. Some temples have been restored, I particularly like carving in Gopinath temple.

I did not receive any entry fee. A signer from AASI outside Bhangarh warns visitors: ‘It is strictly prohibited to record the boundaries of Bhangarh after sunset.’ The ghost theory has to be filled one more because the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has no office here and the nearest (ASI) office is about 1 km away. Time is From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Some say that the only structure on the hill above Bhangarh is Senotaph of the evil wizard Singhja, while others believe that this is a simple clock tower. In almost any written history on Bhangarh, we never know. The ‘haunted’ tag brings this tourist into a sleeping scenario, the rural people make grass, while the sun shines.

Hopefully,you read and like my whole experience about Bhangarh Trip, there are also many places to visit nearby Bhangarh Fort.