Practicing birdwatching in India allows us to witness some of the most amazing and exotic bird species in the world.

birdwatching in India

© Alosh Bennett

In the depths of the Kerala jungle, a cove, similar to a toucan with three peaks , flies over the tropics in silence. At the same time, the sarus, a red-necked heron, wanders through the fields and wetlands of the state of Gujarat while an eastern dwarf kingfisher perches on a branch of Goa wearing a plumage that appears to have stolen the colors of the rainbow.

Copies whose sighting we can make in a contemplative way in the habitats where the more than 1250 species of birds that India encompasses, one of the best countries for birdwatching , ideal for nature tourism lovers.

birdwatching in India

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If we seek to practice birdwatching in India and enjoy this new modality of tourism, it is best to start our visit in Kerala , the most tropical state and, therefore, rich in exotic birds from all over India. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, for example, displays its armies of flamingos, Siberian cranes, parrots and larks across the Vembanad Lake, the cornerstone of any tour in the famous Kerala backwaters .

If we go deeper into the interior area of ​​the state, tea plantations precede access to Periyar, a nature reserve trapped between the mountains and where up to 320 different bird species meet, among which we find the blue-winged parakeet , the mentioned calao or the podargo of Ceylon, a species of native owl whose presence is mostly appreciated during the night.

birdwatching in India

© Rohangandhi19

Traveling somewhat further north, in the nearby state of Karnataka, the Bandipur National Park abandons its former Maharaja hunting ground condition of the Mysore kingdom to become one of the best paradises where to practice birdwatching in India thanks to the presence of a peacock that dwells in the most unexpected corners, in addition to other species such as the Indian vulture, the hawk or a kingfisher whose various species meet in this national park.

birdwatching in India

© Aaron Maizlish

Finally, near Delhi, always a strategic place during our visit to India, the presence of the Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary is home to numerous species typical of these hazy and humid corners such as the Dalmatian pelican, known as painted storks or the sociable puffin, species that we can discover from a distance guided by those known as rickshaw wawallahs , the best guides we can have during our stay and our birdwatching experience in India. One of those places that is worth discovering in a winter time in which countless migratory birds gather in this natural sanctuary.

birdwatching in India

© Dierk Haasis

Practicing birdwatching in India is one of the best complements to our trip to the subcontinent, since in addition to allowing us to discover all these species, the serenity that transmits the proposal fuses us with the environment, making us part of that great living paradise that is the India while we warm up our immersion in those other safaris to which we add animal species as powerful as the bengal tiger  or the elephant.