The awakening of the Indian subcontinent as an economic power has unleashed endless opportunities and destinations for those who are preparing to conduct business tourism in India. Bleisure (Business + Leisure) is the new trend – very present in the case of India – of combining a work trip with some days of leisure. 


Business tourism in India

As is the case with “conventional” tourism, business trips need destinations set up to receive new companies and expand their economic activity. Requirements that India has strengthened in recent years with a view to becoming one of the largest powers in the world .

However, when it comes to doing business tourism in India the questions soar: what are the best cities? How can I enjoy destiny beyond my work obligations? Or, especially, how do I organize my business trip to India ?

The best cities for business tourism in India

Business tourism in India

Regarding the podium of the best destinations for business tourism in India, Bangalore is consolidated as the most prepared , judging by its updated facilities, means of transport and infrastructure. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has developed an important activity around the IT companies , especially those Western companies that seek to reduce costs in Hindu lands. That is why the city of the state of Karnataka has become a mecca for young talents, technology parks and both local and international companies installed in the cradle of Indian computing and the culture of “dotcom”.

India’s second most promising city in terms of business is Chennai, which not only covers the information technology market, but also that of the textile market , business process outsourcing (BPO) or, especially , the car, an activity that has earned it the name of the Detroit of India.

Business tourism in India

For its part, Pune and Mumbai continue unbeatable as ideal cities for business tourism in India , especially a last in which the scope of communications, transport and corporate headquarters is more than consolidated.

Following in the footsteps of these major cities, Fort Kochi is emerging as the next Silicon Valley in the state of Kerala thanks to the acceleration of a myriad of projects including the Smart City Project technology complex.

Bleisure: take advantage of business tourism in India

You may, irremediably, have a scheduled trip to one of these cities on your next business trip, an experience that, if you adapt to the new trends, you can enjoy as a traveler more. Specifically, we refer to the “bleisure” (business + leisure), a new form of business trip in which the employee can segment their vacations and add leisure days to that work trip , being able to enjoy a destination that may not be possible. visit again in a long time.

Business tourism in India

Incredible Rural India  we provide the future bleisures (and those who are not yet) of the best options when traveling to India and many other activities and coverage to add to those trips already organized.

Do not forget to check your business visa to India when traveling and ready to enjoy the charm of a country in which to start business and encourage leisure is more possible than ever.