Paralysis is treated without any medication in Butati Dham in Nagore district of Rajasthan and the arrangement for the living is free of charge. Share this page to help the needy. Such miracle can happen in India only. This small village, situated on Ajmer Nagaur Highway in Rajasthan, is known all over India today, due to this, it is built in the village butati Dham temple. It is believed that a proven yogi, named Chatur Das, was about 400 years ago and he used to treat people with his penance. By applying a ferry in this temple built on his mausoleum and by taking havan feud, treatment of paralysis like paralysis can be.

Bootati Village

There has been a lot of improvement for many people here and many people are free from paralysis. Here people come from all over the country.

The land of India is called Dev land because the gods and the perfect men on this earth have embraced the Avatar. He has done well for the people with his powers and miracles. There is a similar miracle temple in the Butati village of Nagaur district of Rajasthan, where parikrama and the paralysis (paralysis) treatment is done with the goddess of the havan kund.

It is believed that Pratyaksh ChaturDas Maharaj was at this place. They used to treat people with their powers. It is the people’s belief that by applying seven rounds on their tomb, the liberation of paralysis is attained. Because of this paralytic patients come here from all over the country. It is said that the body of the patient whose body parts do not move at all, they also start working from here orbiting. Those who become frustrated with the doctor’s treatment also go right from here.

This temple is the samadhi of Pradhan Chhaturdas Ji Maharaj. Paralyzed patients carry a parikrama daily while traveling for seven days. After the aarti of the morning, the first parikrama is to be carried out inside the temple and inside the second parikrama temple after the evening of the evening. These two parikramas are called together and are called a parikrama. The patient has to rotate like this for seven days. The patients themselves are unable to walk and they carry family orbiting.

The disease that has happened years ago is also largely treated. There is no wise, chef or a cook, nor any medicine is treated. Here the family members regularly carry the circumambulation of the temple for 7 consecutive days. Havan imposes the power of the kund and the disease gradually reduces its effect. Parts of the body that do not move, they start working slowly. The person suffering from paralysis also starts to speak slowly.

Bootati Dham Village

It is said 500 years ago that there was a great saint named Chaturdas Maharaj. He received severe penance and achieved the achievement of reducing the diseases. Even today, his power only accompanies his human work. Those who revolve their tomb find relief in paralysis.

There are accommodation-related hospices for accommodation here. All luggage bags, ration, utensils, wood for burning etc. are provided free of cost to passengers. In addition, there are also markets nearby where travelers can purchase other items at their convenience. The festival of Shukla Paksha every month seems like a fair here. In addition, special fairs are organized in Vaisakh, Bhadrapad and Magh month.

If you will come to India then you must go there for a visit many journalists and scientist come here and see what is actual are happening there. Know more about India tour packages please click here – Incredible Rural India travel solutions. India is a country has many miracles in its Land. There are many temples and many villages are famed for their mysterious stories. If you know anybody paralysis patient than let him about India’s miracle place.