The world of Indian fabrics is a true madness that has the finest cotton, silk and wool.Indian textiles are still a real pleasure for lovers of bright colors, original prints and softer touches. Bazaars in the street or specialized markets, we show you the way to the best fabrics in India.

The best fabrics in India: cotton

Whether you are looking for a piece made for you, or you fall in love with a few meters of fabric to get something done when you return home, Indian cotton fabrics have an excellent quality and price. Jaipur is a center specializing in cotton prints , either in Bapu or Kishanpole Bazaar markets in the old city or in boutiques of major brands. Anokhi is popular for its value for money , although you can find more exclusive places like Anantaya, the Dhora Theater concept shop or cheaper options like Pachouli .

Yellow and green sari typical Indian cotton

The traditional spinning wheel system is still used in the cooperatives that inspired Gandhi and are marketed under the name of Khadi Gramodyog . They are present in many cities and sell both fabrics to meters and finished products. Something similar happens with Tribes India, an initiative of the government to bring to market the fabrics of remote areas of the northeast of the country. Although to the touch they may seem coarser pieces, they are very nice cottons after the first wash .

Finally you can not miss Delhi . In Hauz Khas Village and Shahpur Jat you will find the best designers in the capital . If you are looking for an Indian market with infinite options and styles from all over India, you should visit Nehru Place . Known for its technological side, in Nehru Place the rolls of fabric per meter with all kinds of finishes are followed.

The best fabrics in India: silk

The silk sari is one of the most famous garments of India

The saris of the sacred city of Benares are very famous and it is almost impossible to leave the banks of the Ganges without having visited a workshop of weavers. However, in South India , in Tamil Nadu , silk work is much more extensive. The final products are almost always saris and shawls, although you can also buy the fabric meters . A popular place in cities like Chennai , Cochin or Madurai is Pothys. If you are willing to travel through North India and want good silks, Nalli or Fabindia are excellent options to find them.

The best fabrics in India: cashmere

Pashminas and shawls typical of Northern India

Indian wool is popularly known as cashmere . The highest quality comes from the barbs of a dwarf goat that grows in remote valleys. Each animal produces only 150 grams of wool, so Kashmiri shawl can amount to hundreds of euros , or even thousands. You will know a good wool for its lightness at the same time as its warmth. The ultra-thin wool shawls are usually smooth or have very subtle patterns. You will find high quality garments guaranteed in Andraab with branches in Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur .

In the destinations of the Himalayas such as Srinagar , Leh or Manali you can find reasonable quality and a better price. However, Kashmiris are big merchants and have stores all over India. A secret when dealing with them is to show them the fair amount you want to pay. They say they like the money so much that the bills will hypnotize them and you’ll get away with yours.

If you are willing to visit the subcontinent, you can not miss the opportunity to get the best fabrics from India .