Camel Safari In Rajasthan : –
For adventurous travelers, India offers several exciting trips. One of those delights for unconventional tourists will be the camel safari. The imperial state of Rajasthan and its imposing desert “Thar” provide a remarkable experience during camel safaris along with an intimate view of desert life. In addition, you will enjoy the valuable treasures of dance, music and natural views. Although the dry and snowy deserts of Leh and Ladakh located in the far north of the country have also left safaris on two-humped Bactrian camels, camel safaris in Rajasthan. They will give you a really fantastic taste of sand dunes and sun. From September to March it is said to be the dry winter months during which a large number of tourists and travelers visit Rajasthan to enjoy camel safaris because the weather is perfect for temperate and moderately cool nights. As one of the major tourist attractions of the region, the camel safari will adapt to almost all types of financial supports. Therefore, tourists with different budgets could get this memorable experience.

Camel Safari In Pushkar: –
Pushkar is a small city in the desert, which is only 11 km from the city of Ajmer. The famous Pushkar cattle fair will be held in the month of November, usually in the winter season. In Pushkar, camel safaris are truly a beautiful experience, which tourists should include in their itineraries. Although there are many popular camel and dawn excursions available, along with a day trip to nearby villages and villages, tourists are always advised to opt for desert treks and long-haul trips on camels or even carriages. camels to Mandawa. Jaisalmer and Nagaur of Pushkar.

These exciting and adventurous tours include delicious and delicious food prepared by the fireplace, the special cultural evening with the gypsies, the accommodation of tents on the sand dunes under the wonderful desert sky and folk music and dance given by traditional local artists . Camel safaris are offered by many operators, which include numerous travel agencies throughout the town of Pushkar.
Camel Safari In Jaisalmer : –
In Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is considered the most sought after destination by almost all travelers who want to enjoy a camel safari. Some popular camel safaris include short and regular tours of Jaisalmer or nearby dunes such as Khuri and Sam that include camel rides at sunset along with traditional Rajasthani dinner and cultural programs at the desert camp. In addition, for tourists who wish to have a longer and more relaxed schedule, many camel safaris extend for a longer period of time, often to 2 weeks for enthusiasts.

Most of the camel safari operators work mainly from Jaisalmer through guest houses, hotels and resorts in the desert city and its surroundings. They usually have blocked visits that include individual camels per person, lodging and food in the desert and nearby hotels, cultural nights and visits to the villages. Amarsagar, Kuldhara, Mool Sagar, Kanoi, Damodara and Ludhrva are some of the desert towns that serve as a night camp where tourists will be treated with the intention of experiencing the dream near the bright sand dunes under the stars.
Camel Safari In Bikaner: –
Bikaner, which is also known as a city of camels, offers a spectacular view of a desert for each and every one of the tourists who want their vacations to become unconventional. Most of the tour operators that are in the small city offer camel safaris at different speeds. Like the other city, safari operators in Bikaner have day trips, sunset tours, sunrise departures, long-term trips and enduring desert stays. Shorter trips and day trips could take tourists to nearby places like Deshnok, which puts an end to their desert photography and other similar activities.

At Bikaner, Sand-ski is extremely popular and, for the most part, all camel safaris will include this in their itineraries. When it comes to long-term trips, it includes 3-day and 2-night safaris that allow you to stay in world-class desert camps along with food, blankets, water and entertainment facilities.
Camel Safari In Jodhpur : –
As Jodhpur is considered one of the many cosmopolitan cities found in Rajasthan, it has no desert views in the vicinity. However, it will be a gateway to several five-star hotels and luxurious desert safaris due to its importance. One of the most popular dunes around the Jodhpur area in Osian, which is a wonderful desert village that exhibits some of the best safari camps in the region.

Best time to enjoy the camel safari in Rajasthan: –
The ideal time to enjoy the camel safari in India is from September to March due to the pleasant weather conditions.
Things to do in Camel Safari in Rajasthan: –
Desert Safari on camel’s back is an excellent activity during your visit to India. But you can also enjoy several things, including an adventure camp in the desert, visit local villages and see folk music, dance and much more.
• Adventure in the desert camp: it is really adventurous since you will be allowed to sleep in a completely different environment, which is a sand dune under a desert sky and bright stars.
• Visit local villages: during the camel safari, you can visit local villages where you will see people with a rich culture and tradition. You can also enjoy local cuisines whose flavor is never forgotten. Along with food and drink, you can witness the cultural evening offered by local traditional artists.
How to reach: –
Almost all the cities and towns that offer camel safaris are well connected to the major cities of India such as Mumbai, Jaipur , Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad. Therefore, getting to these cities will never be a difficult task, since it will have frequent bus and metro services to reach your desired destination. Best of all, some cities have national airports, which even reduce their effort to travel.