From the day we got on the plane to the farewell dinner, fashion accompanies us throughout the trip. How do I put everything I need in my suitcase? It is clear that choosing the right clothes for a trip to India becomes essential.

Many people wonder what clothes to wear to India , a country with a reputation for hot and humid, where it is advisable to bet on comfortable clothes, linen or cotton . If we choose long-sleeved garments, we will avoid sunburn and mosquitoes, and it will not be necessary to worry about covering our shoulders during temple visits.

Clothing suitable for travel to India

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On a trip to India we always recommend wearing footwear that completely covers the feet, since many of the streets are unpaved, especially if your itinerary includes a rural area of ​​the country. On this page we recommend some ideal options for the occasion. It is also important to choose the perfect footwear for the plane ride, a trick to reach the destination in the most comfortable way possible. Flat sandals will be a good choice for dinner at the hotel, provided that it does not require etiquette, or for especially hot days. In any case, it is quite simple to be able to find this type of footwear in any trade, even through the internet we can have trouble deciding with so much available option.

Clothing suitable for travel to India

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The increasingly popular online stores have revolutionized the world of fashion . Zalando, for example, is one of the stores that offer a high range of comfortable clothing for all journeys, both for your monumental visits, and for long days of walking. Here you can find a wide selection of travel products that will undoubtedly help when facing the adventure. The online shopping experience can get us out of trouble and save us hours (so necessary) in these chaotic days before the big trip.

Clothing suitable for travel to India

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Although the suitcase must be done yes or yes, new technologies can be of great help . The countless articles on the right clothes and the multitude of tips that we can find on the net is a good starting point. But for this it is very important to have power in all our gadgets, and therefore, to know the type of plug that we will find in our destination. On this website you can check the different types of plugs and power adapters necessary to not stay off. With this universal charger from Belkin, you’re sure to get where you want.

Flat shoes, sunglasses, all kinds of cotton or linen garments , and of course, a swimsuit and a bikini will be your essentials. A trip to India is a pretext more than enough to renew our wardrobe, and even dare to wear some Indian model. Lately, stores inspired by the East abound, wide and comfortable pants and colorful long-sleeved garments. What are you waiting for? Your trip starts with the first purchase!