As an object lover, a trip to India is a fascinating encounter with the craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The bazaars proudly exhibit pieces of art that for centuries were only available to kings.


Rajastan Crafts

© Albert Dezalb

Colorful and seductive, Indian markets overflow with objects that seem to have been designed for a past time. Indeed, Rajasthan’s craftsmanship is a continuation of the princely heritage. Today, more democratic, access to the best pieces is still a place for connoisseurs and lovers of beauty.

Rajasthan crafts for them

Designs created with the technique of block printing or block printing are among the highest quality textile products of Rajasthan’s crafts . Generally made on cotton, printing with wooden blocks is done with natural pigments. A garment can combine up to 8 overlapping colors and printing is done by hand. Well-known brands of women’s clothing and home textiles such as Anokhi are based in the Pink City .

Rajastan Crafts

© Anokhi

Without doubt, among the most exclusive pieces of Rajasthan’s crafts are Indian jewels . The work of silver is excellent throughout the state. The majority of pieces worn by women in rural areas are sterling silver with manual filigree work that varies greatly in each region. In addition, Jaipur highlights the carving of precious and semi-precious stones that are mounted with the most exuberant forms.

Rajastan Crafts

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From the Kundan style with which precious stone necklaces and gold sheets are made, to the Thewa, where 23 karat gold is superimposed on colored crystals to form a kind of floral latticework. Rajasthani jewelry has unique pieces of high value, almost impossible to get out of India .

Rajasthan crafts for the home

The furniture also has a special place in the crafts of Rajasthan. In Jodhpur you will find some of the best colonial furniture factories inspired by royalty antiques. To the work of the carved wood are added inlays of mother of pearl and camel bone, or decorations with miniatures that tell battles and princely love stories.

Rajastan Crafts

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The art of the miniature that one day decorated walls and palaces books still has schools in Udaipur, Bikaner, Kota and the Shekawati region. It is practiced on different materials such as silk, camel bone or paper and can be incorporated into all kinds of objects, from amulets to coffee tables or wedding trunks.

Rajastan Crafts

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Another luxury object is the Makrana marble with which the Taj Mahal was built and today a multitude of Rajasthan handicraft objects from sculptures of the most popular gods such as Lakshmi, Ganesha or Radha and Kirshna to intricate fantasies such as the elephant formed by the apsaras nymphs. Objects for the house are also made with the technique of hard stone, which consists of embedding semiprecious stones on the marble in the manner of Taj Mahal decoration. With so much to choose from, some people decide to buy another suitcase.