Knowing a country through a cruise supposes a different way of entering into a culture and contemplating it from another perspective. This is the case of some cruises in India that will allow you to appreciate all the magic of the sacred river Ganges or include the country of curry on a route through South Asia. Do we embark?


River Cruise in India

Assam Bengal Navigation: Cruise to Varanasi

Cruise together old Ganges river palace

Cruise on the Ganges. © Assam Navigation

Of all the rivers in India , the Ganges continues to be the most important. Born from the hair of the goddess Ganga, this channel that starts in the Himalayas and empties into the Bay of Bengal crosses all India, being Varanasi the most famous city when visiting it. The one that is one of the most important cities in the country, the same one that evokes that unique spiritual and mystical charm, looks at the Ganges through its ghats , or spiritual steps that serve the faithful to submerge in a river that marks the line between the world of the living and the spiritual.

A fascinating place to explore, along with many others, through the next cruise on the Ganges to Varanasi that you can do against the current or downstream. In this case, we tell you all the places and experience of the 7-day itinerary whose climax is made up of the magical Varanasi, in which it is one of the best cruises in India:

Day 1: After arriving in Patna , you can embark on a cruise that also includes a transfer from the airport.

Day 2: After a delicious breakfast, you will visit the great Mughal tomb that lies in Maner before reaching the port of Dorigang and the confluence with the Goghra river.

Cruise on the river Ganges

Indian women by the river Ganges. © Assam Navigation

Day 3: You will arrive to Buxar , famous for the stage that in 1764 would host the Battle of Plassey between Hindus and the East India Company. The area includes a large cemetery that you can visit before approaching the Buxar ghats.

Day 4: After passing through the town of Chausa, you will reach Ghazipur , the epicenter of opium, as well as the tomb of Lord Cornwalli and the splendid bazaars of this unknown but vibrant Indian city.

Pilgrims next to the ghat of Varanasi

Pilgrims and faithful in the ghats of Varanasi. © Pixabay

Day 5: Finally, you will arrive in Varanasi, the City of Lights , which is older than its history and its tradition. A haven of mysticism and color that you can explore at your whim, losing yourself among women of brilliant saris, ancestral crematories or eroded buildings cherished by one of the most beautiful dawns in the world. After lunch, you will visit the Buddhist site of Sarnath and the Deer Park where Buddha recited his first sermon.

Day 6: You will visit the important Mughal stronghold of Chunar , as well as the Maharaja’s Palace and huge markets specialized in pottery and carpets.

Day 7: After visiting the Varanasi ghats , you can attend the Ganga Aarti , a daily ceremony in which priests recite mantras and wave their brass lamps in front of the Ganges and hundreds of pilgrims from India and all the countries of the world.

One of the best cruises in India that you can perform in order to squeeze the mystical charm that exudes the Ganges.

MV Rudra Singha Brahmaputra River

Interior of the cruise MV Rudra Singha

Furnishing of the cozy cruise ship MV Rudra Singha. © Eastern Odissey

Considered one of the most important rivers in the world , the Brahmaputra is born in Mount Kailash, in the Himalayas , where it begins a channel of 2,896 kilometers until ending in the Bay of Bengal, in Bangladesh , being the state of Assam , northwest of India, the main stage of the great creation of the company Eastern Oddyssey : MV Rudra Singha , a river boat built in the typical «pansoinau» style of Assam in wood and local decorative motifs.

Considered one of the greenest and cleanest states not only of India, but of all Asia , Assam encompasses a set of tea plantations, river islands and delicious villages that once belonged to the Ahom dynasty, the same whose kingdoms extended a time to other nearby countries such as Myanmar, Bhutan or Thailand.

The MV Rudra Singha cruise across the 7-day Brahmaputra River, another of the most impressive cruises in India, consists of the following surprises:

Days 1 and 2: After arriving at the Jorhat or Guwahati airport, both in the Asam state, you will reach the Piphlu River Lodge before visiting the Kaziranga National Park , considered as the stage with the largest number of single-horned rhinos in all of Asia.. After, you can visit an elephant safari.

Rhinoceros in one of the Kaziranga wetlands in Assam

Rhinoceros in the Kaziranga National Park. © Anupam Nath

Day 3 and 4: After a safari in Kaziranga, you will arrive at Silghat to embark on the cruise until you reach Dhansiri Mukh and enjoy the cruise.

Day 5, 6 and 7: You will be able to stop at a place on the riverbank to contemplate the rural life of Assam, its fragrant tea fields or wonders such as Majuli , one of the largest river islands in the world . Afterwards, you can visit the Vashnavite Monastery of Auniati Satra, where typical dances associated with Shiva and Krishna are represented , as well as different villages of the Mising culture, typical of Assam, before crossing to the Neamati Ghat, one of the most sacred places of the Brahmaputra. . Finally, you will return to the Jorhat airport back.


Fishing boat in Majuli Assam

Fisherman on the fluvial island of Majuli. © Lost with Purpose

Ideal for couples or families, the MW Rudra Singha is equipped with a water reuse system, rooms with private bathrooms and rooms with air conditioning. The best way to immerse yourself in the tribal and natural environment of a state of Assam leaning on a Brahmaputra in which, at nightfall, you will hear splashing the gangétic dolphins.

Ganges Voyager

What to see in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. © Wikipedia Commons

With a capacity of up to 56 passengers and a style that transports every traveler to the colonial era, the Ganges Voyager is a cruise whose route of 7 days and 8 nights is the best excuse at the time of entering the most sacred river in India through one of its most famous cities: Kolkata. A first point of departure that will immerse you in the banks of a Ganges marked by rice fields, sacred temples or ancient colonial settlements .

Cruise from Kolkata on the Ganges

Cruise ship © Ganges Voyager

Generally, Vogayer Ganges journeys last 7 days and 8 nights addressing the following attractions:

Day 1: After embarking in the Botanical Garden Jetty , the cruise makes its way between some of the old ports established by the mythical East India Company between the 17th and 19th centuries. In addition, you will make an excursion along the bank of Bandel, where one of the pilgrimage centers is established to the magnificent Hooghly Imambara Mosque.

Day 2: Take a rickshaw to the city of Kalna, where the Rajbari complex brings together the largest concentration of temples in the region.

Colorful house on the river Ganges and boat

View of the Ganges from the cruise. © Ganges Voyager

Day 3: In the fishing village of Matiari you can succumb to markets where local crafts based on brass and its interesting processes of elaboration are worked on, in addition to the place where various battles between French and English took place: the Plassey battlefield.

Day 4: If you want to enjoy the typical rural life of the area, in the town of Baranagar you can also see several temples built in the 18th century based on the typical West Bengal terracotta art . You will also visit the village of Khushbagh and its mosques, or the colonial charm of Murshidabad , along the river.

Day 5: You will access the buggy to the Katra Mosque and the Hazarduari Palace , a perfect sample of Greek art in the territory thanks to its impressive Doric columns.

Mayapur Center Krishna

Complex of Mayapur, next to the Ganges. © Hasnaltmobil

Day 6: Considered as the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, an incarnation of Lord Shiva , Mayapur contains a huge temple whose size surpasses the Vatican itself. In addition, you can get lost in the rice fields of Guptipara and try the best Indian mango.

Day 7: You will visit the French colony of Chandernagore and the temple complex of Guptipara, filled with terracotta art.

Day 8: One last tour of Chandernagore before returning to Kolkata.

The perfect journey at the time of getting lost in that secret India of Arab, European and Indian influences simply irresistible.

Cruise ships in India

Cruise through Southeast Asia

One of the cruises of © Celebrity Cruises.

Taking a sea ​​cruise through Asia becomes a fantastic way to experience all the contrasts of places as disparate as Dubai, Singapore or the most beautiful coasts of India .

For example, the cruise of Celebrity Cruises aboard the Constellation , a boat with a pool, high-end gastronomy, entertainment and sports centers. The same part of Singapore, continues to Penang and travels the islands of Phucket, in Thailand, to call in Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka, continue to the tropical coast of Goa in India, call in Mumbai , Muscat in Oman and Finish in Dubai for 16 days .

The cruise also follows the same route in the opposite direction for 14 days, suppressing Penang.

If in your case, you decide for a cruise on the last Royal Caribbean ship , Spectrum of the Seas, you can stop at the colonial Kochi.

If you are looking to make one of these cruises in India or want to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us.