In a world in which travel understands more options than ever, knowing the differences between tailor made trips and exclusive trips becomes the most important lesson to memorize before embarking on the adventure of your life.


What are customized trips?

Yoga in Piano Deck by Baros Maldives in Maldives

Yoga in Maldives: The ocean is yours in @ Baros Maldives


“Investing in traveling means investing in oneself”. Matthew Karsten

Many many years ago, kings and princes traveled throughout the world in very different ways. Sometimes, the destination was not always the same, but the way to move was what really was worth it: exotic carps, trays full of tea, typical ceremonies. . . Because destiny is important, but once there the essential thing is to enjoy each moment as if it were the last.

Until not so long ago the world, in large part, was unaware of the many possibilities that travel can bring. A panorama that during the last years has initiated an evolution in crescendo in which everything is possible whenever you have clear the what, when, where and, especially, the HOW , a question that can completely change that next adventure.

In that great HOW come many types of accommodations , places and beaches , experiences, yes, but much more. How long has someone not taken you in an air-conditioned car through a Vietnamese jungle? That you stayed at a resort where a book master chose the best reading for you? How does it feel to fly over all the wonders of Sri Lanka in a balloon ? The answers could be many, but possibly we would not find the words to define them. After all, that’s what tailor-made travel consists of : finding new ways of traveling that leave you speechless. That adapt to your absolute criteria .

Travelers at the Maharaja Express bar

Travelers in Maharaja Express, one of the best luxury trains in India © Indiarailsearch

The mechanics of tailor-made travel are committed to an authentic adventure in which you decide how much time you want to spend in that city, how you want to get to that beach or where you want to eat a typical delicacy of the country , among thousands of other nuances, the word You will read more when it comes to making custom trips.

Do you want to know India but do not know where to start? “No, because it is a country that I do not know and that many things have been said to me.” Then create your own definition by choosing the best transfer throughout the trip, a local guide who speaks perfect Spanish or makes a night visit to the Taj Mahal in a unique and enigmatic environment worthy of the 1001 nights.

Because in the end, we are not so different from the genius of the lamp: your wishes are orders for us. Now we just need to decide what those desires are, a task in which we help you.

What are exclusive trips?

Rural India with Holi thanks to Sociedad Geografica de las Indias

Holi in the village of Agra © Pablo Luna

“Ok, it’s already been clear to me what personalized trips are and what my wishes are,” you’ll say. «Perfect but, have you heard of exclusive trips?» Unlike some personalized trips with which it has hundreds of peculiarities, exclusivity is based on reaching those places not reached by the rest, no longer for an economic issue, but by a series of elections and some serendipity that take you even further, to that scenario or experience that few others have reached before.

If for example you make one of our tailor made trips to India with one of our guides, he can take you to that town not far from Agra where rural India continues its life between sunsets, tea trays on the porch and children playing on the street .

And it is that one of the main differences between made-to-measure trips and exclusive trips consists, simply, in the art of adding something that complements (and enhances) everything already provided by custom trips .

Colors of the Holi during a private celebration

Holi Private in Rajasthan. © Manager bg

How about a private Holi in the palace of a Maharaja?

Western assistant at an Indian wedding during one of our trips.

Traveling in an Indian wedding. © Creative

Or attend an Indian wedding where you can be part of all the ceremonies and rituals and, hours later, end up dancing with the bride’s family?

Best travel agency to India

Cooking delights in a Sikh temple in Delhi © Francis Photo Montreal

Better to cook with the Sikhs in one of the temples of Delhi?


Man in the Sandbank of Baros Maldives

Do you want to know how it feels at the Sandbank of © Baros Maldives?

How does it feel to be a true Robinson on the most beautiful island in the world ?

Experiences of the Geographical Society of the Indies - Balloon flight in Sri Lanka

Discover the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka in a globe © Harry Pherson

And the kings of the world when you seal your love on a balloon during a honeymoon in Sri Lanka and Maldives ?

hotel trends in Maldives

Wedding in Maldives of Spanish travelers. © Baros Maldives

Maybe recite your vows at a wedding in Maldives ?

Differences between made-to-measure trips and exclusive trips: Why not make these two options?

Luxury boat on Lake Pichol at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Boat at Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. © Taj Lake

Carrying out a customized trip means adapting a destination to you in every way. The schedules, the hotels, the experiences, the time you want to dedicate to each visit. . . However, these will always be further enhanced if you get further.

If you bet to unite personalized and exclusive trips in one, you will have the certainty of finding yourself in a different phase, one in which the days are not what remain in the memory, but all the moments, the minutes, THE SECONDS.

Imagine what you want to live on your next trip in a specific way because today, more than ever, reaching the end when you travel is more possible than ever.