The Indian Ocean is a privileged destination for experienced and amateur divers. India, Maldives and Sri Lanka are not only dream destinations out of the water, but under the sea you can find extraordinary landscapes with excellent visibility and a rich tropical fauna. Diving in the Indian Ocean offers a sea of ​​possibilities.

Diving in the Indian Ocean: Maldives

Fall in love with underwater life in India. Goa is the first beach destination in the subcontinent and has interesting locations for scuba diving on remote and little known islands such as Grand Island and Netrani Island.

Diving in the Indian Ocean: Diving in India

Pondicherry is another enclave where you can stop on your route through southern India. Here you will enjoy the beach and the French heritage and you can dive up to 23 meters deep in Cool Shark. However, if you want a unique experience, the Andaman archipelago is your destination in IndiaExclusive and very little explored, the remote Andaman Islands In the heart of the Bay of Bengal they have recently opened to tourism. Its crystal clear waters and the special protection of the entire archipelago make it a particularly attractive place. Havelock is the island with the most infrastructure and hotels of various categories. In its waters you will find sea turtles, manta rays, sharks and coral formations that cover the capricious volcanic formations.

Diving in the Indian Ocean: Beach in Havelock Island

Those who choose to know the wildest side of South Asia have in Sri Lanka an accessible variety of landscapes and natural reserves of land and sea. Combine safaris in the jungle to see leopards and elephants with dives in some of the most extraordinary enclaves. The island was the capital of the Indian Ocean and its coasts are full of shipwrecks that have become exceptional locations for the diver. Swim among schools of fish that populate the remains of ships that did not reach port or marvel at the sightings of blue whales and whale sharks that often occur in its waters.

Diving in the Indian Ocean - Diving in Maldives

Finally, Maldives is the destination of luxury and relaxation par excellence , also for divers. Its beaches of fine sand dotted with coconut trees are a haven of rest but hide a very rich underwater world . The currents that form between the islands favor the circulation of plankton, attracting schools of fish and their large predators. You can be face to face with various species of sharks, eels and turtles and return to your villa on the sea in Maldives to enjoy the unique colors of the sunset. Also, if you still want more sea than the Maldives offers, the archipelago has the best life on board of the Indian Ocean with the exclusivity that characterizes the tourism of these thousand islands grouped in 26 atolls.