Safari in natural forest is a campaign to observe wildlife in its natural habitat. There are several sanctuaries and national parks in India that inspire wildlife photographers to click on some great ideas, which attach to clear moments and rare places. These safari places in India show you where you can find wildlife through your lens and in fact, can hold clear moments through your lens.

Jim Corbett National Park

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Jim Corbett National Park – One of the places of wildlife photography located in Uttarakhand, where the jeep becomes deep inside the safari park. It is famous for the sightseeing of large carnivorous mammals, and it gives a clear moment to the photographer. The park has five different zones comprising different flora and fauna. Rich biodiversity gives the photographer an amazing opportunity to catch clear moments and great photos. The Himalayan foothills give it an additional edge on other parks. It will not be easy to catch the tiger before your magnificent lens, but you can try your luck.

Ranthambore National park

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Ranthambore National Park- In search of wildlife, Rajasthan has its own place of the park. The park of Rajasthan is famous for its excellent train journey and safari. The most sought-after animal Bengal tiger with photographs in clear moments is with its cubs. The mosquito is fond of presenting one of the tigers before the camera. This is an ideal place to click on clear pictures of dangerous animals. Jeep Safari is deeply advised from the park to find tigers. Here are some of the places listed above to click on the correct clear moments in wildlife. The photographer is advised to take the help of experienced guides and photographers for the best experience. Ranthambore National Park is no. one national park to spot the Tigers.

Leopark at Kabini Nagarhole

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 Nagarhole Forest Kabini River – This is one of the most popular hunts for those who enjoy the forest to explore and get closer to nature. There is a lot to offer to jungle safaris to sail for trekking in Nagarhole forest. If you want to re-engage with the environment and nature then it is necessary to walk in nature in the forest. Jungle Safari is a great opportunity among all the environmental enthusiasts, among the variety of flora and fauna. Enjoy the royal experience of an elephant safari for the scene, just around the dense forests it is just spectacular and sometimes it is a ride by looking for different animals in its natural surroundings. The journey of Kabini can present you in the world of blurred forests, canyons and water world.

Bandipur National Park

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Bandipur National Park– Located in Karnataka, this park is famous for its wildlife wealth, which is 874 sq km, and contains many endangered species of animals and flora. Bandipur National Park makes the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve with Mudumalai National Park, Wayanad National Park, and Nagarhole National Park. Bandipur is one of India’s first and the best project-Tiger Reserve, and the most famous of Southern India. Its priceless tiger and leopard’s home is home to three rivers, and there is a large part of life in the endangered Asian elephant, Indian wild dog and all its exquisitely reduced forms and colors, this reserve is the largest protected area in the south. The largest number of wild elephants in India and South Asia is South Asia.

Periyar Wildlife Safari

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Periyar Wildlife Safari – Also known as Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, and Tiger Reserve is located in the hills of the Western Ghats and there are no less than 1800 flowering plant species, 143 species of orchids, 35 mammal species and 265 bird species… Besides the Royal Bengal Tigers living here, this sanctuary has a substantial population of Malabar Giant squirrels, endangered Sher-tail Macac, Asian elephants, leopards and sleek-coated otters. Visitors of one of India’s finest wildlife sanctuaries ride through trekking elephants and enjoy sailing on the Periyar lake.

Snow Leopard at Hemis National park

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Hemis National Park– This park attracts many tourists and wildlife photographers for the photograph of Snow Leopard. The challenges are that it is a cruel beast that makes it difficult to catch up. If you are planning to take the opportunity then this is the place for you. It is making space for rich wildlife photographers in flora and fauna. It is the largest national park in South Asia. Connects the importance of beautiful beauty park. By exploring the rich flora and fauna of this region, you can click on some of the coolest moments below. The weather can perform poorly, but which connects the stimulus.