India’s wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are a major tourist attraction. That is why we have created the most amazing list of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Tourists not only from the interior of the country, but also from several other destinations also visit the sanctuaries of the wildlife of India and the experience of wildlife.

There are also numerous bird sanctuaries in India that boasts many beautiful and magnificent migratory birds that come to India in summers and mild winters.

Some of these sanctuaries in India have been in the category of top 20 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India.

1. Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

The Corbett National Park is the oldest and one of the best among all wildlife sanctuaries in India. It was created in 1936 to protect endangered species of Bengal tigers.

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Corbett National Park is one of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries in India.

This park has been named after the well-known wild author Jim Corbett. The magnificence and wild nature of this park attract wildlife lovers from different parts of the world.

This place of wild life of India has also been included in numerous documentaries of natural life to raise awareness towards the fort and stagger the tigers of Bengal.

2. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

The Ranthambore National Park in India, located in Rajasthan is one of the illustrious national parks in India. It is considered one of the 10 best wildlife sanctuaries in India . National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India work as a major tourist attraction .

The big Los Tigres are the pride of this national park. It covers the Banas and the Chambal River, this stop is filled in a perfect natural environment for the predators and different creatures of this park.

Panther, Nilgai, Jabalí, Sambar and hyenas are some of the main animals found in this park. Tiger Safaris are terribly well known among the guests of the Ranthambore National Park.

3. The Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

The Bandipur National Park is the most well-known animal sanctuary among all national parks in South India . It is a characteristic elephant and a few other animal species in danger of extinction.

Dense and lush forests of the Deccan Plateau and Western Ghats make this national park one of the best in India.

This famous national park in India is also known as one of the largest elephant reserves in India. One can see many elephants and other endangered species here and take pictures.

The wildlife sanctuary is located at a distance of 80 km from Mysore and around 215 km from the city of Bangalore.

4. The Keoladeo Ghana National Park – Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park is one of the artificial wetlands in India that has been declared a National Park by the government due to its rich collection of animals and birds of different types.

It was in the last calls as ‘Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary’ , the best bird sanctuary in India. Now it is one of the best national parks in India .

This cap has a substantial number of birds in the middle of the summers and is considered one of the best national parks to see fascinating and exotic migratory birds and other types of birds from India.

Located in the area of Bharatpur, Rajasthan, it fills this park as an essential place for ornithologists and other zoological studios.

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5. Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka

Nagarhole National Park is located in the Mysore district, Karnataka and is a frequent destination for spotted Tiger. Otherwise, it is also called ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Park’.

Along with a large number of tigers, this park also has a remarkable number of Bison Indians, leopards, elephants and sloth bears. It is often touted as the largest wildlife sanctuary in India .

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The forests of this park are enormously rich and dense with a few types of highly valued commercial trees. Teak, sandalwood and Silver oak are some of the big trees in this park.

Along with the threatened Mugger Crocodile species, this park also has more than 250 types of birds, 96 types of manure beetles and 60 types of ants.


6. Sariska National Park, Rajasthan.

Sariska National Park is located in the Alwar area of Rajasthan . Although it was announced as a Wildlife Reserve in 1955, due to an extensive number of tigers inside this park, which was later pronounced as one of the forests of the Tiger Reserve in 1978 and is now a famous sanctuary ofwildlife in India . It is the first national park in India.

Sariska National Park was the first national park in India and in the world, which was effectively adapted by the majestic Royal Bengal tigers as their usual means of habitat work.

Panther, Jungle Cat, peeled hyena and Golden Jackal is also found in this national park.


7. Kaziranga National Park, in Assam.

The Kaziranga National Park is the only natural habitat of threatened species of One-Horned Rhinoceros in India, as well as in the world. Located in the Golaghat Assam region, the Kaziranga National Park is the largest national park in India to explore the wildlife of northeastern India .

It is also an exceptional park visited among the 10 national parks in India .

This park gloats equally for its number of tigers and other wildlife. Due to the considerable number of tigers, the Kaziranga National Park has been proclaimed, as the Forest Tiger Reserve in 2006.

Other species of wildlife are composed of elephants, wild buffalos and swamp deer. The park also witnesses a considerable number of migratory birds in the middle of winters.


8. Run Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

It encompasses both dry and drenched deciduous and semi forests plus evergreen forests, the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a must see if you are a wildlife lover.

This is the right place for explorers to understand and appreciate wildlife and the miracles of nature. Falls among the famous wildlife sanctuaries in India.

It is a wide natural environment for a wide variety of plants and creatures. One outstanding among the most beloved attractions of this sanctuary is the Bhadra Rio.

It is a center for wildlife and the explorers of travelers and people who love photography. Adventurers should enjoy the wildlife of this safari park and testify to the diversity of the varied manifestations of God.

There are several creatures in this park, such as the buffalo, the gaur, the leopard, the elephant, the tiger, sambar, wild boar, deer and chital.

The bird kingdom here is also endowed with a great variety of species such as the pigeon, the emerald green of the southern imperial pigeon, big black whistle and perico juggling. The forested areas are equally a dwelling for the Indian rock pythons and king cobras.


9. Kanha National Park, in Madhya Pradesh.

Kanha National Park is another sought destination in the list of national parks of Madhya Pradesh.

Built in the year 1955, this park has picked up a lot of attention for its efforts in saving the rare species and practically extinguished deer from the marshes, otherwise called ‘Barasingha’. It is also one of the most well-kept parks in Asia.

The other element of the Kanha National Park is the Sunset Point called Bamni Dadar. Virtually the entire park can be seen from this point.

It offers the most beautiful views of animals in their natural habitat. This Indian travel sanctuary is a must if you like wildlife.

10. Sundarbans National Park, in West Bengal.

Sundarbans National Park is one of the largest and most established national park in India. Located in the delta area of ​​India, this park shares its border with Bangladesh.

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Covered with mangrove forests of Sundarbans, original is the abode of the majestic Royal Bengal tigers.

It has the largest number of Bengal tigers than any other wildlife sanctuary in the world. The saltwater crocodile can also be found in this park.

Sundarbans is very rich in avifauna, aqua fauna and reptiles. Some of the other endangered species in this park are the Gangetic dolphin , Galapagos tortoise, Bill Hawks and mangrove limestone.


11. The Bandhavgarh National Park, in Madhya Pradesh.

The Bandhavgarh National Park is another tempting name on the list of national parks of India . Located in the Umaria area of ​​Madhya Pradesh, it is one of the largest national parks of Madhya Pradesh. Pronounced as a national park in 1968, this park has a remarkable number of tigers in India.

This park also has an uncountable number of leopards and deer. Among all the attractions of Bandhavgarh National Park, white tigers are the most amazing.

12. Gir National Park and Sasan Gir Sanctuary, in Gujarat.

The Gir National Park and the Sasan Gir Sanctuary of Gujarat are the only wildlife sanctuaries in India that has Asian lions.

From October to June is the perfect time to visit the place and see these majestic beasts walking around their territories.

The park was created on September 18, 1965 and is one of the largest and richest protected ranges for Asian lions.

Rivers and streams that flow through this national park are still occupied by the park’s inhabitants.

13. Periyar National Park, Kerala.

The Periyar National Park, Kerala is the only national park in South India , as well as in India, which has an artificial lake that flows through the forests.

Located in the evergreen hills of Western Ghats, this wildlife sanctuary is also one of the forests of the tiger reserve in India .

While boating on Lake Periyar, guests can see the powerful beasts of this park, appease their thirst on the banks. Elephants, deer, Nilgiri and Tahrs Langurs are other attractions of this park.

14. The Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

As you head towards the Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh , the childhood fantasies of most of the guests will be transformed into reality.

Rudyard Kipling “The book of the jungle” is based on the natural environment of this national park; And so, the park is also called ‘Mowgli Earth’.

While the Tigers are the most dominant species in this park, leopards, sloths, wild dogs, barking deer are some of the attractions of this park.

With more than 170 types of birds, this bird sanctuary in India also turned out to be one of the best places for birders.

15. The Manas National Park, Assam.

Considered one of the youngest names in the list of National Parks in India, the Manas National Park or the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary,

Assam has a large number of rare and endangered species. Turtle Kachuga sylhetensis, Híspido Hare, Golden Langur Hod and Pygmies are probably the most endangered species of this park.

This park boasts of its 55 types of mammals, 380 types of birds and a considerable number of reptiles and amphibians.

Indian Elephant Indian, rhinos, buffalo, leopards and assamese macaques are some of the other inhabitants of this beautiful park. It is also one of the known destinations for rafting.

16. Panna National Park, in Madhya Pradesh.

Panna National Park is one of the best preserved of the National Parks of India.

Announced as a tiger of the Forest Reserve of India in 1994, this park suffered a considerable decline in the number of tigers due to poaching. This is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Among different marine creatures that are in this stop, Chital, Chinkara, sloth bears and Sambhar are copiously found in this park.

Bar-headed Goose and King Vultures are the most commonly detected among the 200 types of birds in their avifauna.

17. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala.

After the Periyar National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the main wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala . This sanctuary is located in Western Ghats and shares its outskirts with Tamil Nadu in the Annamalai Hills.

Among the 34 species of well-evolved creatures found in this paradise, Panthers, spotted deer, Indian elephant, tiger and Nilgiri Tahr are the most impressive animals.

It is also the home of Mugger Crocodiles and more than 240 types of extraordinary birds. The presence of Thoovanam waterfalls within the forests of this wildlife sanctuary has made this refuge, one of the well-known trekking and camping destinations in Kerala.

18. The great Himalayan national park, Himachal Pradesh.

The great Himalayan national park is nestled among the luxurious coniferous timber forests and the snow-capped peaks of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.

It is one of the high-altitude national parks of India. While the surface of this park is in itself a dazzling component, the emerald Meadows in some parts of the national park makes it one of the amazing national parks in India.

Snow leopard, the brown bear of the Himalayas, the blue sheep, the musk deer and himalayan thar are regularly discovered animals in this park. It also houses 181 types of birds, and many more types of reptiles, annelids, amphibians, insects and bugs.

19. Silent Valley National Park, Kerala

Located in the Kundali Hills close to Western Ghats, the Silent Valley National Park in India, is an exceptionally prominent wildlife sanctuary in India.

Being in the middle of the Nilgiri, the Nilambur, Palghat and the Attappadi Forest Reserve, this place represents a fascinating scene that can never be forgotten.

Located at an altitude of around 3600m above sea level, this national park of India is truly blessed with a great variety of flora and fauna. It is a house of around 150 species of birds, 200 species of butterflies and 1,000 types of flowering plants.

The glorious Kunthi River, moves through this stop adding to its excellence and appealing to an increasing number of guests.

One can detect countless types of birds such as the wood pigeon of Nilgiri, Malabar parrot, gray-headed bulbul, broad-tailed babbler grassbird, Rufo, the short white-curved wing and the great bucero ocean. This place is also dominated by tigers, panthers, sambar, wild boar and gaur.

20. Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand.

Testimony about 49 types of mammals such as Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, leopards, the Himalayan black bear, the deer bark, wild boar, goral and many more in the Rajaji National Park.

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, this park is a paradise on earth, and one among the most amazing wildlife sanctuaries in India.

It encompasses a diversity of tropical and sub-tropical forests, such as salt, riparian forests and sub-tropical backwoods pine forests. It is one of the largest forests in India.

The flawlessness of the jungle together with the relaxed atmosphere attracts a large number of explorers and has also made the Rajaji National Park a must-visit getaway.

There are about 315 types of birds such as the great flutist, Himalayan hornbills pied kingfishers, barnyard peas, woodpeckers and many more. Be in awe of the 60 types of butterflies that originated from eight families in the park.

Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in India attract people from all over the world every year. These parks are not a way to give people the experience of the wild nature of animals and mammals but also work for the conservation of forests and save endangered species.

India also boasts of migratory birds that arrive at bird sanctuaries in India in the middle of summers and mild winters. Many bird lovers and observers from all over the world come and enjoy the experience.

If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, then you should visit the wildlife sanctuaries and before visiting you should consider this article.