Some 16,900 km separate Santiago from Chile from the capital of India, a magical country full of legends. It is this halo of exoticism and mystery that has attracted many travelers since ancient times. And if you want to count among them, you just have to go into reading this blog to know how to do it.

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In this post you will be able to know all the aspects related to the flights to India, from the prices in the different kinds of tickets, to the services offered in the different airports of the travel route, through information regarding the transit visas . Given the importance of the capital’s airport, the information has been based on the departure from Santiago de Chile; So if you want to know the services of this airport, just click on the following link . And if you want to access the airport URL click here .

Also keep in mind that New Delhi has been considered as the airport of entry into India, as it is one of the busiest in the country. Although it could also be chosen as the first destination in the country, other cities such as Mumbai, Calcutta or Bangalore (see here map of the international airports of India).

Departure and arrival times. Flight duration

We find that many of the flights are in the afternoon, although there are practically all the schedules, even at dawn. Therefore, you will have the possibility to choose the schedule that suits you.

As for the duration of the flight, attempts have been made to find those that fall below 40 hours, although in some companies they have not been able to locate them and some of them are up to 45 hours. In this way, most of the flights arrive in India two days later.

As you will see among the flights shown in the table, the average duration of the flights is 34 hours. Although there are shorter ones, such as KLM, which has a scheduled duration of 28.45 hours. And there are also longer ones, such as the corresponding outbound flight to Air France, which has an estimated duration of 45.25 hours.

Cities of scale

Most flights have two stops, and in many cases the second stop is made in European cities. Although some flights produce up to three stops, as is the case of United or Qatar Airways. Each company makes the stops in its base cities; and so, Air France connects with Paris or Qatar Airways travels via Doha.

Among the airports of scale of the table you can find some such as Miami, Paris, New York, Panama, Frankfurt, Madrid, London or Sao Pablo. You can also observe that in more than one route, the stopovers of the outbound do not coincide with the return journey; as in the case of Cathay Pacific or Emirates.

Connection times. Stop over and private Jet

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Although it varies greatly between the chosen flight option, the average wait on each scale is around 4 hours. However, in many of them the wait is lower, as in the Iberia flight that we have chosen in the example in the table. On the other hand, some of the scales have a much longer waiting time; as on the Air France flight, where the stop at Charles De Gaulle on the way is 23.20 hours. These waiting times lead us to contemplate the possibility of performing a stopover.

Stop over refers to the possibility of extending the time of the stopover or connection to leave the airport and know the city in which we are “forced” to stop. This is a relatively frequent practice, and Sociedad Geographic de las Indias offers its customers in Chile and Latin America this option. So you may have the opportunity to visit Istanbul, Paris, Sao Paulo, Doha or Madrid.

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On the other hand, if you are looking for an exclusive service, in addition to comfort, anonymity and exclusivity, keep in mind that you can travel to India by renting a private jet. Some models have up to 12,000 km of autonomy, and in this way you can save the awkward waits on airplanes and airports; In addition to flying more comfortably.

Ticket price by category

It is clear that depending on the type of ticket, the price of the ticket will have different prices, as will the services included. To give a more accurate idea of ​​what each type of ticket offers, we have ordered the services that, in general, provide the airlines by class and their price.

  • Services offered in tourist.

Traveling in a tourist class, you will generally enjoy the following services on intercontinental flights:

    • Blanket and pillow
    • Entertainment system (it can be personal, that is, in your own seat, depending on the airplane model).
    • Free magazine
    • Food and snacks.

And to get an idea of ​​the cost, the average price of this ticket is € 2,300, which is approximately USD 3,127.

  • Premium economy services.

In recent years a new intermediate ticket class has been developed, between tourist and Business, the premium economy, which usually allows the traveler to enjoy more space and comfort in their seat. Among the companies that offer it are Air France, whose ticket is around 4,185 EUR. That is, about 5,691 USD.

  • Business services.

For Business the average price is around 6,700 EUR per person (9,110 USD). The services that accompany this ticket on transoceanic flights are as follows:

    • Reclining seats or bed seats.
    • Electrical outlet and facilities to work on the plane.
    • Room divider, so that your space on the plane is more intimate.
    • Beverage service.
    • Priority to embark.
  • Services offered first.

If you buy this type of ticket, you can enjoy more exclusive services. Although you have to keep in mind that some companies do not offer this type of ticket; like KLM, which integrates Premium services in the Business class. In addition, many companies only offer it on certain flights and the price difference between them is notable. The average price of the first tickets selected in the table is around 12,300 EUR (16,723 USD), which generally provides the following services:

    • Cab or private space, with bed seat (in some cases, with bathroom and individual shower).
    • Premium menu and drinks.
    • Premium bag (premium amenities).
    • Entertainment system with greater offer and Premium screen.
    • Priority boarding
    • VIP room services.

In addition to these services, first-rate passengers and Business passengers can enjoy VIP lounges at airports where their company has them. As services, these rooms offer a business center, snack or drink, toilet and showers in VIP lounges, among others. However, airlines do not have a VIP lounge at all airports, nor are all the rooms they own the same in terms of benefits.

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To see the services and location of the VIP lounges of the One World alliance companies, click here . And to access the Star Alliance VIP room finder and see the services offered at any of its airports click here .

  • Duty free.

Other additional services, both at the airport and on the plane, are Duty Free; that is, where all types of items can be purchased without taxes of any kind. Once we pass the control of the airport, the establishments are all Duty Free and are freely accessible. In addition, this service is usually offered on airplanes.

  • Additional information at connecting airports: local currency.
    • US airports: the currency in these airports is that of the country, that is, US dollars.
    • European airports: in most of these the current currency is the euro, however there are some countries that did not adopt the single European currency, as in the case of the United Kingdom; so in British airports you pay in pounds sterling.
    • As for the Panama airport, it should be noted that the US dollar is a legal tender.

Types of aircraft

The types of aircraft in each company vary depending on the type of flight, route, etc. And in the table that we have prepared the most frequent aircraft are usually the Boeing 777, Boeing 77W or other models such as Airbus A330-200. If you want to have more information about the different types of aircraft and their structures click here .

In addition, we would like to give you some advice when requesting your seats on the plane; since occupying one seat or another in the aircraft can mean a totally different flight. For example, there are seats that have a limited recline for being before the emergency exit, although they have more space. On the other hand the front seats usually notice less the movements of the plane. Thus, you can decide what type of seat you prefer and if you want to request a preferred seat.

For your convenience, check the best seats according to the type of aircraft and airline, entering here . Write down the flight you have selected, your route and you will see a plane of the plane, indicating in your reservation class (tourist, Business or first) which seats have more space and comfort.

Transit visas needed for Peruvian citizens

USA → You will need a nonimmigrant visa to make the stopover in the country, since Chile is not yet part of the Visa Waiver Program. Visas are valid for ten years; so if you have one, check its expiration date. Taking into account the information provided by the US embassy in Chile, you will need to obtain a B1 / B2 tourism or business visa or transit visa. For more information see the following link .

Argentina → Taking into account the information given by the Argentine Government, Chilean citizens do not need a visa to migrate to this country; and therefore they will not need to apply for a visa for transit at an airport in the country on their way to India.

Hong Kong → According to what is established by the Hong Kong Immigration Department , Chilean citizens do not need to apply for a visa if they transit at their airport and do not leave the mixed zone. And they can even stay 90 days in the territory without needing a visa.

Brazil → Chilean citizens do not require a visa of any kind to enter Brazil, since both countries maintain a tourist visa exemption regime. Therefore only the passport is necessary doing this scale.

Qatar → If you travel through this Arab country and the stopover time is less than 8 hours, you can continue your trip to a third country on the same plane or another connection without a visa (TWOV: Transit without visa ). Although you will always be required to have in order all the requirements to enter the destination country and the transit documents for the countries in route; as well as having the tickets for the connecting flight in the allowed time. You should be aware that you will not be allowed to leave the transit area of ​​the Doha airport. If the stopover time does not exceed 24 hours and you have previously obtained the STPC (Stopover Paid by Carrier), with a passport valid for more than three months, you will be allowed to leave the transit area, with prior approval of immigration.

United Arab Emirates → Chilean citizens must obtain a 96-hour transit visa if they are staying more than 8 hours at the airport. For this it will be necessary to have a valid plane ticket and a hotel reservation, as well as a validity of at least three months in the passport. You will need a sponsor like Emirates Airline to complete the necessary procedures, so you should contact them. And if you want additional information click here .

EU → Within the European Union there are some differences from what we see the countries that interest us below:

UK → Being a Chilean citizen you do not need a visa to make a transit through the United Kingdom. You can check this information and see the visa requirements, according to the motivation of your trip here ; although keep in mind that the web is in English. If you wish to see the contact information of the Embassy of Great Britain in Chile , click on the link above.

Spain → Chilean nationals can travel without a visa through the international transit zone of a Spanish airport. For more information, see the following link .

France → Chilean citizens do not need a visa for stays of less than 90 days in the “Schengen area”; so they will not need a visa to travel in French territory.

Germany → As in the other countries of the “Schengen Treaty”, you will not need a visa to transit at a German airport. If you want more information click here .

Netherlands → Chilean citizens traveling in the Netherlands do not require a transit visa, nor do they need a tourist visa for stays of less than 90 days. Although they must have a series of requirements that you can see here .

Panama → As reported by the Panama Tourism Authority , Chilean citizens do not need any type of visa to enter the territory of the country; since Chile is part of the visa suppression agreement.

Peru → You will not need a tourist visa to enter the country, if your visit has a maximum of 183 days; So with your passport it will be enough.

 APIS form

The APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) is an automated data collection system to have information on air passengers coming from abroad before arriving in the corresponding country. Some countries, such as Canada, UK, Spain, Japan or the US, require passengers to complete this form 72 hours before the flight. You can fill out this document online through the airline.

The reasons for this requirement are justified by security, so it is required to provide personal data such as name and surname, date of birth or passport number.

Regulations on liquids and others at the airport regarding luggage

By global regulation, some elements are prohibited as part of hand luggage: short-pointed elements, dangerous goods, containers with liquids that exceed 100ml (water, creams, perfumes, gels, drinks, etc.), for international flights.

In case you carry liquids in larger quantities, you must carry them in your suitcase, otherwise it will be retained by the authorities. Exclude:

• Food or juice for babies.
• Prescribed medications.
• Special diets during the flight.
• Special or exit permits for minors.
• For products purchased in Duty Free, the packaging regulations must be complied with and proof of payment for purchases in a tax-free zone.

Regulations on weight and dimensions of luggage and cabin

Regarding the limitations of weight and dimensions of cabin and checked baggage, we find the following restrictions and recommendations:

  • Regarding hand luggage, keep in mind that on Indian domestic flights the maximum weight is 7 kg. Thus, although in most international flights we are allowed to carry a weight of up to 10 kg, it is not advisable to have such heavy bags if we are going to take an internal flight. Even if we are going to travel by train it is advisable to travel light.
  • As for checked baggage, each company has its own policy of weights and dimensions allowed. However, the most common is that in tourist class they allow a suitcase of up to 23 kg and in Business class (or first) two or three suitcases of up to 32 kg. In the table mentioned above, the different policies in each of the companies are shown.

Airplane and airport services for children, disabled or elderly

  • In the international airport of Santiago de Chile a wide range of services are offered throughout the terminal, to meet the needs of passengers. Thus, we find everything from restaurants, bank and luggage protection services, to VIP rooms and a multitude of shops. As for special needs, a wheelchair can be requested at the airline counter. In addition, this airport also acts as a learning platform for students from all over the country; given that instructional visits are made and there is the opportunity to carry out professional practices for young university students.

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  • In the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi there are game rooms for the little ones, where parents can wait quietly while the children are entertained. In addition, for passengers with reduced mobility, you can contact the airport staff or the attendants of your area company.
  • And at Mumbai International Airport , a wheelchair assistance service is also available for those with reduced mobility who require it. Also the airlines usually offer this service.
  • Transit airports . The following stand out for services:
    • New York-JFK: Attention for people with reduced mobility, restaurants and shops. We can also access chapels of the Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and multi-religious faith.
    • Amsterdam-Schipol: We can find establishments to relax and spend time both before and after passing passport control. Also, anywhere in the airport we can use the internet (free WIFI) and make calls. It has help for people with reduced mobility.
    • Miami: It has an auditorium, conference room, chapel, animal area, spa, wheelchair service for those passengers who need it, shopping area and many other services.
    • London-Heathrow: This airport has a huge variety of shops, cafes and bars. It also has facilities for people with disabilities.
    • Doha International Airport has thirteen prayer rooms scattered throughout the terminal. It also has free WiFi, games room and care service for young children, specialized assistance for people with reduced mobility and relaxation rooms.

Flight Procedure Summary

  1. First of all we must choose the airline with which we want to travel based on the route, the schedule and the services, as well as the kind of ticket we want.
  2. If with the purchased ticket you travel through certain countries, we must fill out the API form (up to 72 hours before).
  3. Approaching the day of the flight we must check-in, which can be done online or at the check-in desk of the airline on the same day of the flight. The same goes for baggage check-in, which can be done days before departure or at the airport counters by going three hours before.
  4. Once we have our boarding pass and have checked in the luggage, we will have to pass the police control of the airport. Here you will have to be careful with the items we carry in our carry-on luggage, since there are certain objects that are prohibited or restricted.
  5. Once the control is over, we will have to go to the departure lounge when it is announced on the airport screens.
  6. Arriving at our connecting airport, we must follow the instructions of the auxiliaries and pass the police checks, to return to the boarding room of our next flight.
  7. Finally we will land in India, where we will pass immigration control showing our visa and passport. Next we will have to collect our luggage, and we will go to the main hall of the airport where the staff of Incredible Rural India will be waiting.