Many people, for work reasons, can only travel to India in summer . An idea that in many cases is dismissed by the heat. But … is it a reason important enough to dismiss the trip? Is it hot in India?

Heat in India - Haji Ali Dargah

Although it is true that from September to the end of March the climate in India is much more benign for the traveler, the reality is that any time of the year is good for traveling to India .

Heat in India - Jaisalmer

During the European autumn, winter and spring, northern India is cool and the south is pleasantly hot, which invites you to visit the country’s beaches. However, in these months we must bear in mind that mountainous areas can be very cold.

From April to June the temperatures rise, but from July to September the sensation of heat decreases significantly with the arrival of the Monsoon . This one arrives step by step from the first days of June, from the south to the north, but it is necessary to bear in mind that before retiring of India it unloads in Tamil Nadu , between October and November.

Heat in India - Goa

If the trip to India can be chosen between July and August, the second month is more recommendable than the first. Depending on the interests of the traveler, your age and physical condition, the experts India can recommend itineraries where you can fully enjoy in the summer months, as the beautiful valley of Kashmir or Ladakh, scenarios where the monsoon is softer and temperatures They are very nice.

In any case, if you decide to visit India in summer, to avoid the effects of heat it is enough to apply logical solutions . Get up early to admire the surprises and treasures that await us every day is a good solution, so that in the middle of the day the traveler can enjoy a quiet and relaxed in the magnificent pools that many of the hotels in India have . For innumerable travelers, this is an excellent way to combine a cultural trip with moments of leisure and rest.

Heat in India - Golden Temple (Amritsar) -

Wearing a hat and dark glasses , and using sunscreen is essential, especially on beaches, deserts and the high slopes of the mountains. Also, hydrate conveniently will not have so much feeling of heat.

India receives travelers at all times of the year. No atmospheric phenomenon is an excuse for not visiting the country , but the previous information is always the maximum guarantee to enjoy.