The Kullu of Himachal Pradesh, which is known for its unique beauty and beauty of the unique Dussehra festival of its kind, which is called the Valley of Gods, at an altitude of 1219 meters above sea level, 80 km on both sides of the Vyas river, Delectable tourist destination. Kullu is also mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata. In that era it was called Kuluma. The weather here is always pleasant.

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Kullu has two parts, on one hand, Dhalpur, and Sultanpur on the other side. On the occasion of Dussehra in the vast field of Dhalpur people come from far away to see Kullu Dussehra. This place is called the meeting place of the Gods. Sultanpur is famous for Raghunath Temple. When Raghunath Ji rides on the ground of Dhalpur then the Dussehra festival is celebrated. It starts with Dussehra Vijaya Dashami and is celebrated for one week.

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The joy of moving in the green, small, smallest of Kullu is only on some side. Green pastures and fluttering waterfalls not only give pleasure to the eyes but also fill the mind and the soul with freshness and joy. Passing through the garden of fruit, apple, apricots, plums, pears, flora, and aroma will ease your exhaustion and you will be refreshed again. The Kullu is very attractive and scenic, the apple gardens, old wooden houses, cultural fairs, folk dances, folk music etc.

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Things to visit in Kullu

The Raghunath ji Temple– Built in the 16th Century by King Jagatsingh of Kullu, this temple has great recognition in the community. Kullu’s world-renowned Dussehra does not start until Raghunathji’s chariot is reached in Dhalpur Ground. It is an ancient temple which is also visible from the point of the castle. Raghunathji is the most revered deity of Kullu.

Jagannath Temple Bhuntar– It is also known as Bhakli Temple. Located at a distance of 3 km from Dhalpur, the view of the Dussehra festival from this temple appears very grand and attractive.

Manikaran– There is a temple and a gurdwara in Manikarna on the banks of the Parvati river. There is a water pond between the temple and the gurudwara. Rice is boiling on rice in these kunds.

Naggar– It has remained the capital of the ruler of Kullu for 1400 years. The famous castle can be reached by car or jeep. There are many temples surrounding it, in which Vishnu, Tripura Sundari, and Krishna Temple are the main. Here’s the art of Nikolai Roerich is worth seeing.

Bijli Mahadev Temple– Located at a height of 2435 meters, 11 km from Kullu, Lord Shankar has a wondrous temple. A pillar of 20 meters high in front of the temple is called a dhoj in the local language here. Electricity falls on every third year on this and Shivling, due to which Shivalinga breaks down into pieces. The priest of the temple connects these pieces with butter and on the second day, the shiva linga takes shape.

Vaishno Devi Cave– This small cave is believed to be the temple of Vaishno Devi, 4 km away from Kullu.

Kasol– There is a temple on the banks of the Parvati river, 42 km away from Kullu. This place is very beautiful and with natural Sushma. People come here to celebratethe holidays.

Banjar– Located at an elevation of 1534 meters, 58 km away from Kullu, this place is also famous for the beauty of nature, it is also famous for the hunting of fish named trout. To hunt, permission has to be taken from Katarai fishing officer.

Raison – Located at a height of 1453 meters, 16 km from Kullu, people here come for holiday and camping. Around it are beautiful apricots and plum beautiful gardens. In March this valley is filled with developed flowers. The attractive slopa has been built to stay on the banks of the river Vyas.

Katarai– Located at an elevation of 1463 meters, 20 km away from Kullu, this place is the center of attraction for apple gardens, troutfish breeding centers and bee farm tourists.

Bathad– Located 67 km away from Kullu, the scenic scenery and wildlife of this place attract tourists to their destination.

Larji– Located at a height of 957 meters from Kullu, at 377 meters, this place is famous for the Kasturi Mrigo and the large horno deer. Wild boars and leopards can also be seen here. Nearby is the confluence of the Vyas river and its tributaries.

Malana– It is a village rich in natural beauty near Chandrakhani valley. The Malan glacier attracts everyone’s mind at the top of the valley. The artistic Jhamlu temple here is also worth visiting.

Mandi– The magnificent palace of Mandi is located in the center of Himachal Pradesh on the banks of the river Vyas. Earlier it was the capital of Mandi State. There are many ancient temples here, on whose walls the idol of Goddesses is engraved. There is a beautiful garden on top of the hill.

Beautiful Vallies– Kullu is famous for the delectable valleys. Around the main valley, there are rich green valleys with natural beauty. The forest of pine in Parvati Valley, hot spring in Manikarna, green grass, vintage, waterfalls, gthe reenery of the Chandarnavani valley and colorful flower filled with velvet of Shillong valley all attract the mind. Next ,to Kullu, the massive rock of valleys of Lahoul and Spiti and the splendor of the icebergs communicate an unanticipated thrilling joy.

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