When it comes to knowing how to marry Indian food, the options are as varied as they are fascinating. Do you want to know what came home best with that chicken massala?

Indian food is one of the most difficult to pair since it consists, in its great majority, ofspices with intense flavors , as well as grains such as rice, wheat or mainly legumes. Also famous are its famous chutneys , a combination of sweet and sour vegetables and fruits combined with dairy products or nuts such as almonds or walnuts. As our friends recommend, at the time of tasting wine , in the last phase, the taste, we get the taste of the drink in our palate, knowing what kind of food will better combine with it. Something for which Indian food has a difficult combination, which makes it an even more exciting challenge.

Spices are the queens of Indian food , forming a mixture like garam massala or curry. A set of spices such as saffron, cilantro, ginger, mustard or pepper that results in an intense flavor. With all this set of flavors, it is normal that it is difficult to pair these meals with wine, although there are some possibilities, as well as two surprises, such as beer and gin . Then we tell you all about the best drinks when it comes to pairing Indian food .

Beer and Indian food

Indian beers of different types

Although it may surprise you at first, when it comes to accompanying strong, spicy or aromatic Indian foods, beer is usually the most common choice.

Beer is a drink that combines perfectly with strong flavors such as curry . In addition, being drinks that are served in smaller quantities, you can taste several in the same meal, which will make us enjoy the beer that best suits each dish.

If we are in a Hindu restaurant, the typical thing is that the wine list is somewhat scarce or nonexistent, while the beer has a wide variety of references, many of them from India itself, a more than recommended choice.

The red curry for example has an intense but little spicy flavor which makes it perfect to accompany it with more powerful beers and with a certain character.

Wine and Indian food

Indian food dishes with red wine

Wine is the star drink when it comes to pairing a meal, always depending on the cuisine of a certain place. In the case of India, spices eclipse almost any dish , betting on combinations that include elements such as pepper, kardamomo, ginger, cumin and other varieties that make up the well-known curry or massala mixture . Intense flavors that should be combined or reduced when it comes to accompany certain dishes with wine because, what we do not seek, is an increase in that spicy power.

Interestingly, red wine is the one that least combines with Indian cuisine . The reason is none other than the degree of acidity reduced red grapes, because if there is a key factor when pairing Indian food is to accompany it with an acid wine. However, lovers of this type can bet on young and fruity red wines such as tempranillo, merlot or pinot noir .

If in your case you prefer more for white or rosé wines , you are in luck, since most of them combine perfectly with that garam massala , that exotic sadya or a spiced dhal . Bet on dry or semi-dry white wines such as sauvignon blanc, sylvaner, moscato, pinot gris or torrontés, among others.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a good rosé wine with grenache tinta or zinfandel, other sparkling wines like Brut or even a fine sherry.

Allies present throughout the length and breadth of Indian cuisine, especially in a country that every day is betting more on wine tourism in India .

All this, of course, without forgetting that other great drink of Indian origin such as gin.

Gin and Indian food

Spices and bottle of gin and tonic

All ready to prepare the best gin and tonic. © The Independent

This combination dates back to quite a few years ago because, as many of you know, India was a colony of the British Empire, and if there is any drink that is related to these countries, it is gin. England is one of the largest producers and exporters of gin in the world , so it is logical that a combination such as gin and tonic is also consumed in India given the British influence.

In addition, both have in common a very special element: the use of botanicals or spices in their elaborations. We have already commented that Indian food is based on great flavors from spices that are often used for the production of gins. Cardamom, walnut or cinnamon are some of these spices with influence in both foods.

One example that confirms that this combination can be perfect is Tanqueray Rangpur. A gin created from  the Rangpur lime , a unique fruit of the Indian tree of the same name that is grown especially in the area of ​​West Bengal. A citrus whose acidity, combined with its tangerine texture, becomes the perfect ally when it comes to pairing a good Indian meal. A fresh fruit to combine with laurel, ginger and juniper when it comes to obtaining a refreshing and citrus gin.

Are you passionate about Indian food? With what do you marry?

In any case, now you know how to marinate the best bites of the country of curry during your trip to India .