Traveling to India with children is not only possible, but it becomes a whole life lesson for the little ones, who will observe with curious eyes everything that happens around them.

Child at Kesava Temple Somanathpur (Karnataka, India)

© freebird


Nature in its purest state, fun routes in tuc-tuc, monuments that cut your breath and smiles everywhere. India has a lot to offer not only to adults, but also to children, and those who travel as a family to this country prove that doing so is not only feasible, but also highly recommended for children . The secret is to trust the organization of our trip to specialists, who can recommend us the best places to visit with our children, the most interesting visits and experiences with pedagogical value.

In the country of Mowgli everything is possible. From ascending to Amber Fort in Jaipur on the back of an elephant , to visiting the Gurdawara Bangla Sahib, the most important Sikh temple in Delhi, where children can walk barefoot and will be amazed to see men of imposing turbans and long beards purifying with the Holy water. A few meters away we can take the children to the Temple kitchens, where thousands and thousands of food rations come out daily … a place where they will be speechless …

The child with prayer wheel

© Nevil Zaveri

tuc-tuc ride becomes a fun experience for the little ones. And if the day gets tired, nothing better than relaxing with a swim in the spectacular pool of our hotel. Upon arrival at certain hotels (and temples) it is usual to be presented with a necklace of scented flowers around the neck. A welcome symbol that will mark the stay in a country where children are very well received.

In Agra it is mandatory to visit the Taj Mahal, the beautiful cenotaph so often embodied in textbooks, which children will arrive, instead of in their car, in a traditional float. We can also feed the most exploratory part, making an expedition in search of the famous white tiger that appears in the Jungle Book , by Rudyard Kipling. An adventure aboard a jeep that will leave little ones an unforgettable memory.

And after a cultural tour, what better than a few days of rest in the middle of nature? In Goa we will find kilometers and kilometers of endless white sand beaches. A lot of outdoor activities await us, from diving to contemplate coral fish to tour bamboo mazes , through the observation of parrots and lazy crocodiles that remain completely static at the riverside, as posing for a photo.

A little girl at the Baga Beach (Goa, India)

© nehasingh7

On a trip with children to India, common sense and knowledge prevail: the care with the hours of the day in which to make the visits so that the little ones do not feel warm, taking care of the hydration and dressing them with appropriate clothes. Food is not a problem either, because in cities, and in most hotels, it is possible to find international food .

But if children learn something during their stay in India, it is to value the wide and sincere smiles of other boys their age , who will be expectant in their presence. A different way of understanding day to day. A life lesson around every corner, on a trip that little ones will never forget.